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5 Realities About The World’s Scariest Police Department

The NYPD evolved like they suddenly got blasted by gamma radiation and gained incredible superpowers they had absolutely no idea what to do with.


5 Mistakes You Make When Trying To Talk About Your Problems

Why does it feel like everyone's reaction to tough, personal conversations will be 'sprint away while screaming and then fake their own death'?


5 Hard Lessons After Spending A Decade Farming Gold On WoW

When your job is collecting video game gold, even fake economies can screw you over.


Your Brain Needs Silence (And Probably Isn’t Getting It)

There's a really simple solution for those whose worrying keeps them up at night.


5 Ways People Try To Fool Surveillance That Look Ridiculous

No one likes to be spied on, whether it's by a nosy neighbor or The Man. But this stuff is just ridiculous.


The 5 Dumbest Corporate Slapfights That Affect What You Buy

In the course of making a few bad decisions on Amazon, you've accidentally entangled yourself in literally dozens of petty corporate slapfights going on behind the scenes.


5 Popular Brands That Crapped Out Insane Failures

It's as if these companies just mashed up a bunch of concepts some 59-year-old Marketing Manager half-remembered the kids being into these days.


7 Policies We're Stuck With Thanks To Stupidity And Greed

Like a butterfly in a $5000 suit flapping its wings, the consequences of a politician wanting a payday can both be unforeseen and devastating.


Puberty Sucks But Second Puberty Is Just The God-Awful Worst

Second puberty will hit between 28 and 33. The physical changes you'll undergo are going to be unsettling; a harbinger of horrors to come.


5 Insane Jerk Moves You Never Knew Disney Pulled

These are sins even Jiminy Cricket couldn't absolve.


5 Accidental X-Rated Subliminal Messages That Are Everywhere

Phallic imagery can pop up in the most awkward places. Pay enough attention and, as if by magic, you can see a wang appearing out of the ether


5 Common Myths About Sexual Assault You Probably Believe

Shockingly, Hollywood and the news media do not always paint an accurate picture of the reality of sexual assault.


5 Insane Ways You Can Be Killed At Any Moment

Prepare yourself all you want, Death has some pretty clever ways of escorting us from this life.


5 Supposed Devastating Insults (That Are Anything But)

Some people are out there still slinging the worst of the worst when it comes to tired, old, ineffective insults.


ISIS's New Strategy Is Stupid Yet Amazingly Effective

Ever since 9/11, the whole world has sort of cringed in anticipation of the next 9/11-scale attack. Turns out we're scared of the wrong thing.