15 Strange Branded Products (That No One Asked For)

We'd rather not try Colgate's frozen meals.
15 Strange Branded Products (That No One Asked For)

Brand extensions are what it's called when a company used its well-known brand to launch another product. You know the strategy even if you didn’t know its name: Reese’s move into cereal, Google’s shift to email hosting, or Tide’s release of stain remover pens. Sometimes, like with Michelin Stars, it doesn't even make any sense why it works. (How do tires help sell fancy food??) 

But more commonly, a drastic shift--if not well thought out--can cause brand confusion. At its worst, it’s just plain gross. And that’s when we at Cracked can sit back and laugh at big corporations spending tons of money on new, amusingly silly product releases. It’s fascinating no one anywhere along the way seems to have stepped back to say, “Wait, maybe this is a bad idea?” Seriously, anyone who approved Colgate Kitchen Entrees should probably reconsider their career choices. Here’s that, plus fourteen more ridiculous brand extensions that should have never seen the light of day.

Lifesavers Soda

LIFESAVERS SODA LIFE SAVERS PINEAPPLE I LIFE SAVERS ONANGE FUNCH If soda already makes your teeth ache, the idea of Life Savers flavored soda LIFE SAVERS I may make you run to the dentist. GRAPE PUNCH Released in 1995, it failed quickly. IFE SAVERS I I LIME PUNCH SAVERS LIFE CRACKED

Source: TIME

Gerber Adult Food

GERBER ADULT FOOD Singles Singles We ADULTS BEEF BURGUNDY Single 40% BLUEBERRY MEDITERRANEAN CC DEL IGHT We don't blame Gerber for trying, but baby food for adults is hard to make sound sexy. Gerber Singles were released in 1974, reminding people that maybe they were single because they were eating pureed meat from a jar. CRACKED

Source: CNN

Play-Doh Cologne

PLAY-DOH COLOGNE DEMETER. FRAGRANCE LIBRARY Play-Doh Simple. Subtle. Singular Scents. Each Day. Everywhere. Pick-Me-Up Cologne Spray Vaporisateur Naturel 3.4 fl oz I 100mL Although we ate enough Play Doh to understand just how irresistible the scent is, Play Doh mostly just smells like salt. Save a few bucks and rub a few grains on your wrists. CRACKED

Source: Walmart

Hooters Air

HOOTERS AIRLINES N250TR HOOTERSar FOR HOOTERS In addition to three FAA certified attendants, two Hooters servers (wearing the classic uniform of course) would mingle and host trivia games with prizes. It lasted from 2002 to 2006. CRACKED

Source: CNN

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