15 April Fools' Jokes (That Became Real)

These were no joke -- literally.
15 April Fools' Jokes (That Became Real)

April Fools’ Day is coming soon, and we thought we’d just go and tell you some stuff about it before you start doubting our truthfulness on that most holy day for the internet. A Festival of Fools for every single media company around that decides today… today we’re all funny makers. We might make donuts or discount tires, but today? We’re the comedians.

It’s really a lot of stress off our backs. A day meant as a time for jokes and frivolity is upended by companies attempting to get in on it too, so that we ooh and aah and think they’re people. Sometimes it’s something dumb as all get out. (McDonald’s now sells watches that dispense hamburgers!), and sometimes it’s something so interesting and profound that it leaves people wondering why it doesn’t exist for real (McDonald’s is now selling burgers by the briefcase!) But either way, it means everyone’s trying to be funny for a day, so we can take an actual break.

Sometimes though, April Fools’ jokesters make a joke that’s so on the nose, so great… or occasionally just a representation of a wish many fans have expressed numerous times… that it can’t be contained to one day, like Christmas it’s a thing that’s best if it’s enjoyed all year. Here’s some times an April Fools’ joke was so good, it went on to become real.

Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy Switch

April Fools's jokes that became real JED У! ILLIO LLAR Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy switch Alex Trebeck and Pat Sajak switched places one year. Not an announcement - they did it for real. CRACKED.COM

Source: Outsider

Cat Girl Without Salad

April Fools's jokes that became real cat Girl without salad Game designer Wayforward once announced a multi-genre mash-up like none before, called Cat Girl Without Salad. And despite having the weirdest name ever, it was beloved enough Wayforward went ahead and made the damn thing. 1 0 1 1 1 1st 1 2nd 3rd CRACKED.COM DANCE!MOUE!!

Source: Engadget

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