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The 6 Most Incredible Real World Beast Masters

Disney movies make hanging out with wild animals look fun. In the real world, there's a lot more screaming and soiling of oneself. These people are attempting the Disney route.


4 Things You Are Regretting On The Day After Halloween

If my calculations are correct, whatever you did last night, during the darkest, sweatiest hours of All Hallows Eve, you're probably regretting it now.


The 5 Dumbest Supernatural Questions Ever Googled (Answered)

Most of them are embarrassing, shameful and possibly even incriminating but he does it all without a hint of judgment because Uncle Frank knows, perhaps better than anyone, that the depth of human ignorance can never be overestimated.


16 Real Old-Timey Photographs That Will Give you Nightmares

Some of what passed for everyday life 75 or 100 years ago would send you running screaming in the other direction today. And when those scenes are captured on grainy old-school film, you get the stuff of nightmares.


The 7 Creepiest Places on Earth (Part 3)

Even the best Hollywood set dressers in the biggest budget horror movie can't outdo real life. You wouldn't spend a night in in these places regardless of the number of shotguns and Bibles you were allowed to bring.


5 Halloween Parties Too Badass to Be Real (That Totally Are)

There are some places where the true spirit of Halloween lives on in grand fashion.


6 Non-Medical Excuses That Should Qualify You for a Sick Day

There are a handful of good excuses for not going to work: illness, death in the family and actually that's just about it. When I'm king, all these listed will be acceptable.


The 7 Most Questionable 'Haunted' Items on eBay

Here are some of this year's braver efforts to profit from the superstitions of idiots.


3 Reasons To Attend Comikaze (Even If You Hate Conventions)

A few years ago, sent me to the San Diego Comic-Con. Hopefully Comikaze will be much different.


The 50 Creepiest Pieces of Romance Advice Ever Published

Sorry, single people, this week's column is for lovers only. Now that those lonely people are gone, hold that lover close and enjoy 50 highlights from three romantic books that offer tips for every day of the year.


16 Great Halloween Costumes for Telling Everyone You Suck

We've shown you some pretty bad costumes before. Some of you didn't get the message: Just because your costume wasn't on THAT list doesn't mean you can still dress like an ass and get away with it.


The 6 Creepiest Things Discovered by New Homeowners

These people need to find, and then kill, their realtors.


So a Satellite Just Hit Your House

Bucholz gives you a step-by-step guide to making the situation worse after your house has been destroyed.