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7 Outrageous Hoaxes That Actually Worked

Since society has had several thousand years of practice at recognizing con artists, you'd think we'd get pretty good at spotting them. But you'd be wrong. For a scam to succeed, it doesn't take any kind of special genius. Or even average genius.


5 Awful Life Lessons Learned During a Spicy Food Challenge

After so many years of eating the spiciest food I could get my taste buds on, my palate has become conditioned to handle a lot of foods that would send the average person sprinting for the nearest water fountain (provided they're at a restaurant that doesn't serve beverages of any sort).


5 Priceless Works of Art Destroyed by Unintentional Hilarity

Like a slapstick movie where the buffoon main character encounters a priceless work of art, and then accidentally destroys it in some hilarious way, a shocking number of the world's great pieces have in fact been ruined in this fashion.


5 Bizarre Ways You Can Brainwash a Courtroom

Some day you might wind up in front of a judge due to a 'hilarious' misunderstanding (or because you had to murder some dudes). If so, there are several things that can tip the scales of justice in your favor that have nothing to do with the law or evidence.


5 Real Judges Who Put the Most Evil Supervillain to Shame

It's one thing for a judge to be corrupt -- we sort of expect that to happen in all public jobs, because we watch the news. It's quite another for judges to be hilarious lunatics, criminally lazy schemers or just impossibly evil.


6 Nobodies Who Stumbled Into World Changing Discoveries

Some of the greatest historical finds have been stumbled across by random dudes just wandering around the neighborhood.


6 Things That Are Far Sadder Than They Should Be

Over the last few months, I've been living my life while keeping a list of all the little things that make me feel disproportionately sad. Now you must share my depression.


6 Psychotic Punishments Doled Out by Famous Superheroes

Sometimes a hero's unwavering moral code results in the meting out of far more cruel and unusual punishments than a quick, clean death.


If Airplane Safety Instructions Were Honest

Plus, loads of extra seatback reading material!


5 Lessons You Learn Growing Up Rich

I kept my eyes open through childhood and learned some valuable lessons that I want to pass on. These are the five most important things I gleaned growing up rich.


The 5 Most Insane Examples of Chinese Counterfeiting

The amount of work and creativity the Chinese underworld puts into their fakes is so damn impressive that you have to wonder why they'd ever need to steal other people's ideas.


6 Iconic Things You Won't Believe Began as Publicity Stunts

Apparently, some of the most iconic places and rituals in the world were started purely to create 'buzz.'