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The 17 Most Important Things Said About the 2012 NFL Draft

For the handful of you who weren't following along live, we covered the 2012 NFL draft live last night. On the job from the Cracked war-room, we had Soren Bowie (our resident NFL expert and a die hard Broncos fan) as well as Cody Johnston (has a last name that sounds sort of like that of Magic and Michael Johnson, who are both athletes).


6 Old-Timey Comics Straight Out of a (Bad) Acid Trip

Why is it that Batman (1939) and Superman (1938) endured when all of the other comic book characters from that era were forgotten? Well, it's partly because they were absolutely insane. Behold the dark madness ...


6 'Luxury' Spa Treatments for the Extremely Rich and Insane

Different people find different things relaxing. Some people enjoy a nice massage, others enjoy elephants stepping on them.


If the Avengers Were 10 Times Manlier

The Avengers are Earth's mightiest heroes: a viking god, a bipolar nerd, an alcoholic weapons dealer, and the living symbol of a country that has to borrow numbers from China in order to measure its obesity rate. This month, Man Comics is retelling The Avengers' incredible origin story-- a tale so filled with virility that it would be impolite to s


The 5 Depressing Lessons We Learned from Highlights Magazine

I can't say for certain whether most of what Highlights taught me was intentional, but with a slogan like 'Fun with a Purpose' I have a hard time believing they did anything that wasn't deliberate.


18 Images You Won't Believe Aren't Photoshopped (Part 9)

As we've demonstrated many times before in our most popular feature on Cracked, the forces of the universe love the sound of people shouting 'Fake!' at their computer screens, and photographers love to capture the proof.


6 Nobodies Who Turned Into Superheroes Without Warning

Next time someone tells you to get a hobby, might we suggest stopping suicides?


5 People Who Held Grudges Well Past the Point of Sanity

True story: This is an article full of people so angry that one tracked down the author and threatened him.


4 Fun Places That Are Terrifying for Awkward People

Some places, as soon as you enter them, are awkward as all hell. These places are nightmares for the socially awkward human.


6 Artists You Didn't Know You Were a Fan Of

These guys impacted the art scene forever, and changed things in our world, infecting pop culture in astounding ways. And you have no idea who any of them are.


The 5 Stages of Revenge Fantasies Every Man Has Had

Apparently, being a man is mostly about involuntary, delusional, immature power fantasies launching at the slightest provocation.


The 6 Biggest Fears of People Who Are Bad With Kids

It's got nothing to do with liking kids or not liking kids -- it's just being bad at something, like some people are bad at singing or cooking. It doesn't mean that they hate music or food, although sometimes it sure looks like it.


5 Things Flight Safety Presentations Should Mention

Statistically speaking, you're much safer flying than driving, but that's little relief when you're in the air and completely unable to control what's happening. It also doesn't help that each flight kicks off with a safety video.


The 7 Most Insane Ways People Legally Avoided Paying Taxes

The truth is that the IRS isn't nearly as hardass as people think. There is a huge range of things you're allowed to write off from your taxes if you can make some kind of argument. And some of them are truly insane.