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4 Harmless Personality Traits We're All Embarrassed About

Many completely harmless emotions, preferences, and habits are still taboo in our society, forcing us to keep them firmly undercover.


5 Lives Saved by the Exact Right Person Randomly Showing Up

Don't tell us you wouldn't call B.S. on these if you saw them in a movie.


6 Outdated Myths Everyone Still Believes About Homosexuality

We have openly gay celebrities and politicians, and yet, the misconceptions persist.


6 Ways You See the World Differently When You Can Hear Color

I have lexical synesthesia, so letters, numbers, and days of the week have specific and distinct colors. I also have sound-to-sight synesthesia, meaning that I can 'see' sounds.


6 Ridiculous Drinking Myths You Probably Believe

There are lots of misconceptions floating around about everything from how to cure a hangover to how to spot an alcoholic. Let's see if we can clear up a few.


15 Famous People Who Lied Their Way to Fame

We understand Hollywood is made up of thief, liars, and amazingly talented CGI artists -- but we just can't let some of the most blatant cases slide.


5 Tiny Common Sense Changes That Would Save the World

Forgive us if we're being naive when we say a lot of modern problems seem to have fairly obvious solutions ... if somebody was willing to make a bold move.


5 Important Milestones of Maturity That Nobody Talks About

I'm still a pretty young guy, so feel free to punch me in the mouth for saying this, but getting old is kinda great.


5 Things You Learn From Camping (If You Hate the Outdoors)

I convinced two REI-looking folks I was friends with to take me camping in the wilderness of the Chilean suburbs. It went poorly.


So You've Discovered You're A 'Scooby-Doo' Villain

If you find that a group of teens are constantly trying to foil your plans, then you might be a villain.


5 Certifiably Insane Things People Do to Relieve Stress

Stress seems to be something that modern society has no answer for. So it's no suprise people are starting to look a little outside the box for answers ...


5 Weird Things That Apparently Make You Cool Now

There are a lot of new things that make you cool now, and chances are you probably do one of these things. If none of them apply to you, congratulations, I guess.


The 6 Most Ambitious Things Ever Done To Get Out Of Work

Everybody needs an occasional day off. But there's a right way to do take one, and an utterly dumb way to take one.


4 Creepy Unspoken Agreements We All Make With Public Places

We all agree to set aside certain faults and inconsistencies just as long as we can continue going to the places that make us happy. What kind of places do we have secret agreements with?


11 Baffling Single-Serving Products You Won't Believe Exist

Tyler Durden laments the single-serving world we live in, and it seems like it's worse than Chuck Palahniuk ever imagined.