They say it's a fine line between genius and insanity. And after reading out the super odd habits of some of the most successful people on planet Earth, it's easy to see where that sentiment comes from.

We asked our readers to gather together some of these weird routines and gave money for the best entries. And while we won't say conclusively that being a weirdo is the key to success, we will say that maybe letting your freak flag fly isn't all that bad of a thing.

Entry by George Oduor

alvadore Dali Carried a jewel-studded cigarette case, where, instead of tobacco, he had several mustaches which he would offer politely to his friends

Entry by mkad

Even in some freezing temperatures, John Quincy Adams would swim nude nearly every day at 5AM in the Potomac River, whether he was a member of Congres

Entry by Kevin King

CRAGKEDCON Former UFC light heavyweight champion Lyoto Machida drinks his own Urine every morning.

Entry by bizmarky

CRACKED (E-A) COM boobs. 4)Ulyt.)|9> one O the greatest physicists and science teachers Of all time, Richard Feynman won a Nobel Prize in 1965 for

Entry by djHanDon

ORACKEDOON there are many ways to create invenfions. MY way is to dive under the watero m Says Dr. Yoshiro Nakamat an 87 vyear old inentor with 3300 p

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