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The 20 Best Ways We Could Make Shit Jobs Tolerable

Thank you, computers, for getting smart enough to let us infuse some excitement into our otherwise mundane career choices.


5 Things You Judge Less Harshly When You're Old

Here are five things getting older teaches you to judge less harshly.


5 Ways To Abuse Your Body To Greatness (That We Tested)

Once again I have collected a series of me going full 'Jackass' on my biology.


5 Insane Things I Did As A Cop (They Don't Show On TV)

We talked to two ex-cops about everyone's favorite topic. Here's what they said.


9 Insane Loopholes You Won't Believe Are Legal

Every once in a while, someone finds a loophole wide enough drive a monster truck full of questionable intentions straight through.


5 Catastrophes Caused By Idiots Trying To Prevent Them

We apparently decided that between terror attacks, school shootings, and street crime, we'd better just bury the needle on the security side.


The 5 Least Flattering Ways People Brag

Following the invention of irony in 1995, bragging became more complex, and in the era of social media it's become incredibly complicated indeed.


7 Horrifying Things Snuck Into Famous Children's Cartoons

When you look at your favorite cartoons through the cynical eye of a grown-up, you see some pretty disturbing shit the writers threw in there.


8 Real Craigslist Ads That Were Clearly Written By Murderers

Sometimes the traps set by serial killers via Craigslist posts are so hilariously transparent, they would actually qualify as brilliant comedy routines if they weren't 100 percent serious.


5 Ugly Realities Of Being A Woman Visiting India

The truth is, almost all of my memories of India are tainted because of one uncontrollable factor: I am female.The truth is, almost all of my memories of India are tainted because of one uncontrollable factor: I am female.


6 Ways The Decision To Not Have Kids Messes With Your Head

Hi, I'm Kathy. I am 31 years old. I have been married for seven years. And I don't want children.


5 Insane Facts Of Life In Rural China

Jacek Mokujin Adamus spent a year backpacking through rural China, exploring an amazing -- and often unsettling -- side of the country you're not going to see on the news.


6 Tiny Things That Indicate You've Got Huge Medical Problems

We don't intend for this article to feed anyone's paranoia; we just want to point out that our bodies are confusing boondoggles of organs, designed by a madman.


5 Things You Won't (Want to) Believe I Saw Guarding US Nukes

Just FYI: The people guarding your world-destroying super-weapons are unqualified teenagers.


6 Brilliant Websites That Should Not Exist

Perhaps some of the weirdest parts of the Internet are those that can't be easily described.