20 Tips To Get You Through Stressful Situations

Life's tough. Life hacks help.
20 Tips To Get You Through Stressful Situations

Life's tough man. Trump won the election. The most popular videos on the internet are the ones where everyone is standing still. Pants are still a thing. Getting through the day-to-day is just so depressing now.

But thankfully, life hacks are here to help! So the next time shit gets tough, keep these in mind.

Got the room spins after drinking heavily? Lie down on a bed or COUCH and put one foot on the floor, and the ride will stop.
Susceptible to migraines? Soak your hands in ice water the next time you have an attack, count to sixty and repeatedly clench and unclench them for in
Anxious about your presentation? Start counting... anything. For best effect, count the number of people with blonde hair then the number of people wi
UNABLE TO DECIDE? Toss a coin, but don't necessarily do what it says. Think about the decision the coin has made. If you feel disappointed, you'll kno
Angry? Take a moderately cool shower. Not only will this calm you down, it will also give you some time alone to think of ways to handle your problems
CRACKEDCONT CAN'T FALL ASLEEP? in 1 4 5 D 1 23820 2 2 Do the nine times table backwards. lt'll tire out your brain in a couple of minutes.
When you're on a diet, don't tell yourself you CAN'T have junk food... instead tell yourself that you CHOOSE not to because you're bettering yourself.
CRACKEDCON Whenever you are about to cry, start doing math in your head to distract you from the emotion. Basic math like 52 + 30 X 2 usually does the
Having a string of bad luck? gattih Break the cycle by completing a simple craft project. CRACKEDCON
GRACKEDCOM Walk on the grass For OCD instead of the sidewalk. sufferers Not only is having feeling grass underfoot anxious comforting but you while av
Headache? Find someone it wouldn't be weird with and get them to stroke your hair. -CRAGKEDCON
If you want to get rid of dizziness, focus on a particular spot that's as far away from you as possible. nan CRACKED.COM
Struggling to get everything done? Create a routine in one part of your life. For example, have a regular morning or evening ritual. Making a part of
Had a fight? Do some chores at the same time, but separately.
If you want to stop inating you should say your excuses out loud to yourself. CRACh
Feeling down? Try cleaning your house. If you're feeling lazy, start with something simple like sweeping the floor or organizing your junk drawer. CRA
Writing ssignment? Listen to music with no lyrics to prevent it interfering with your wordsmithy . CRAGKEDOONT
Can't get through your morning run? Focus on the sensation of rubbing your fingers together instead of the pain in your lungs or legs . See how much f
Try eating a hot pepper when you need a mid day pick-me-up They get your endorphins going and are much more work friendly than a shot of vodka CRACKED
Finding it hard NC to stay awake during class.0 meetings? >y9. >i- s 't.y 4ind A-' J3004 (t&) -2rs re 21/)- Bring along a small toy to fiddle with. E

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