Life's tough man. Trump won the election. The most popular videos on the internet are the ones where everyone is standing still. Pants are still a thing. Getting through the day-to-day is just so depressing now.

But thankfully, life hacks are here to help! So the next time shit gets tough, keep these in mind.

Entry by PookieJones

Anxious about your presentation? Start counting... anything. For best effect, count the number of people with blonde hair then the number of people wi

Entry by PookieJones

CRACKEDCONT CAN'T FALL ASLEEP? in 1 4 5 D 1 23820 2 2 Do the nine times table backwards. lt'll tire out your brain in a couple of minutes.

Entry by xela_ananym

Having a string of bad luck? gattih Break the cycle by completing a simple craft project. CRACKEDCON

Entry by milito

If you want to stop inating you should say your excuses out loud to yourself. CRACh

Entry by B-Run

Can't get through your morning run? Focus on the sensation of rubbing your fingers together instead of the pain in your lungs or legs . See how much f

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