27 Staggering Facts About Famous Corporations

27 Staggering Facts About Famous Corporations

One politician once said, “Corporations are people, too.” Well, if corporations were actually people, what they'd accomplish would seem incredibly impressive rather than monstrous and scary. The way corporations have dominated our waking life in various ways makes them near-gods on an Olympus-level if you take a step back to look at what have done and what they are currently doing.

Amazon currently has a minimum of one item per person in the United States. Google is a company that owns 185 other companies. Disney World is the same size as San Francisco. More people work for Walmart than live in New Mexico.

It's rather ominous and crazy that corporations have created so much, have so much, and dominated so much in their respective markets and outside of them. One might think that shouldn't be the case. But we're too distracted for Prime Day. Here are some mind-blowing facts about big corporations:

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