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My Poop Can Kill Me: 6 Weird Truths About My Wheelchair

I didn't learn any profound lessons from my disability. Mostly, I learned that everyone is an asshole, including myself.


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The Mundane Background Story Of Every James Bond Adventure

Reggie sat outside Dr. Terrordoom's office, brainstorming as hard as he could.


5 Real World Lessons College Teaches (By Accident)

Things that were never contained in a textbook or a lecture but made painfully clear to me simply by my four-year immersion in a little community that would help me predict the real world to come.


5 Oddly Hypnotic Genres Of YouTube Videos

They're boring. They're stupid. They're useless. They are an absolute waste of time ... but, they're impossible to look away from.


6 Real People Who Got Screwed For Trying To Help

In a movie, an act of kindness gets repaid before the third act is through. In real life? Eh, not so much.


31 Phrases English Needs To Steal From Other Languages

Never be at a loss for words again, you uncultured heathen.


7 Realities Of Spending Your Pre-Teen Years In A Psych Ward

There are actually whole facilities dedicated entirely to mentally ill youth, and they have their own way of doing things.


4 Reasons We Suck At Making Big Decisions

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5 Reasons Graffiti Art Is Even Crazier Than You Think

We talked to Cristian 'Smear' Gheorghiu, a street artist turned contemporary painter from Los Angeles, to tell us about arting so hard that you risk death.