American Customs That Make No Sense To The Rest Of The World

American Customs That Make No Sense To The Rest Of The World

On the eve of our great nation's birthday, everyone is in that grand ole "U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A" spirit. And while we get ready to blow stuff up to honor America, it might do us some good to reflect on some customs here in the States that our foreign brethren find confusing, a little unnerving, and downright bizarre.

For example ...

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People outside the U.S. think it's crazY that Americans have to file their own taxes. Many non-U.S. countries have taxes prepared by their revenue age

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Tipping at restaurants is a foreign concept to U.S. foreign visitors. Outside of the U..S.) tipping is seen as unnecessary and in some cultures, parti

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Europeans think Americans go overboard with their bumper stickers. PEACED RAESSOL Not Bombs RAINORAST jote OTCUPATTON THOECUMION (0) AND SOCial JUSTIC

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These gaps next to bathroom stall doors in America confuse the hell out of visiting foreigners.

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