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Based on previous experience, here are a few things that will definitely happen the next time you decide to drive through the desert.


3 Controversial Words We've Drained of Meaning

Good going internet. We've smurfed up our language.


Greatest Customer Feedback Ever Sent to McDonald's

To the Manager of McDonald's #9874: I am deeply sorry about what happened in your ball pit.


5 Ways the Alcohol Industry Tricks You Into Drinking Garbage

You can't really cheat at alcohol. Ha, got you for a minute there! You totally can. Here's how,


5 Foreign Rules of Etiquette That America Desperately Needs

There's no sacred rulebook governing all of society. What's considered monocle-popping rude in one culture could be the height of courtesy in another.


The 5 Most Common Safety Devices That Can Kill You Violently

Should you ever again decide to brave that hostile hellzone known as 'outside,' be sure to keep these in mind.


The 5 Craziest Books for (Screwing Up) Young Adults

There's a long standing tradition of trashy 'young adult' novels filling the minds of pre-pubescents with lusty thoughts and ambiguous moral messages.


6 Weird Ways the World Looks Different When You're Asexual

Cracked sat down with a couple of asexuals to learn a little bit more about just what life is like when your anaconda don't want none.


5 Things You Can Apparently Give Up Without Missing

The other day, I realized that I'd gone about two months without something that had been a nearly daily part of my life, and I didn't miss it.


6 Creepy Religious Sites Way Worse Than the Temple of Doom

It's good to appreciate the houses of worship that go out of their way to make it clear just how freaking metal their shit is.


4 (Bad) Reasons You Spend Holidays With Family

If family gatherings are so awkward and miserable for a large number of people -- and if the jokes on Twitter every major holiday are any indication, they are -- then why do we do it?


4 Children's Books That Will Unintentionally Scar Your Kids

The worst books are those that successfully spin the Wheel of Morality but then deliver their messages in the stupidest, most counterproductive manner possible.


3 Everyday Hacks to Make Reality Behave Like a Movie

If you've got the proper mindset, when you do these things today, tomorrow, and every day after that, you'll feel like you're living a movie.