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6 Board Game Tie-Ins That Backfired (Hilariously)

The results of combining the two were some deeply weird licensed board games that are probably still populating the backs of closets everywhere.


6 Hilariously Dumb Ways Confidential Secrets Got Revealed

ISIS must maintain a massive social media presence in order to entice dumbass teenagers with a parental bone to pick to join their cause. The problem is that sometimes their selfies reveal a little too much and Ka-Boom!


6 Crime Victims Who Got Justice Through Insane Coincidences

Real crimes are sometimes occasionally solved thanks to coincidences that are so insane, it's almost as if the universe was telling the criminals that they had selected the wrong career path.


5 Mean Spirited Hoaxes Done Purely Out Of Spite

Bobby Knight doesn't like you. He also doesn't like ESPN-style "insider experts." During his time as coach of the Indiana Hoosiers he decided to test just how much work they put into their keen insights and sharp commentaries.


4 Bizarre Things Nobody Tells You About Neutering A Pet

Plastic cone or not, your dog WILL scratch his balls, even if he has to contort himself like a Russian gymnast to do it.


6 Good Ideas It Took Humanity Way Too Long To Come Up With

Who'd make a car without a steering wheel? That'd be stupid. Well, we had 8 years of stupid before the light went on.


5 Terrible Lies You've Been Told About Famous People

In many cases, the version of history we all learned in grade school was manufactured by someone with a killer grudge.


5 Realities Of Having A Child With Organs Outside His Body

Our source's son was born with an omphalocele, which is an abdominal wall defect. That basically meant he was a tiny bundle of horrific medical complications who needed MacGyver to make him home medical equipment.


6 Hunters Who Are More Jackass Than Bad Ass

Whether you support hunting or abhor it, it's always funny to read about people who are just massive screw-ups.


6 Brilliant Ways Movies & TV Shows Stuck It To The Censors

It's only appropriate that these work-arounds were utterly ridiculous.


The 21 Biggest Flaws Nature Should Have Fixed By Now

Pardon our hubris, but Mother Nature is due for an upgrade or two.


5 Realizations That Happen Only In Adulthood

We all have to go through a very specific series of symptoms on our way to full adulthood that no doctor or teacher or tribal elder will warn us about in advance.


I Had A Vasectomy (It Didn't Take): 5 Ugly Realities

We spoke with Allen Singer, who underwent a vasectomy and told us about it in gut-wrenching detail.


20 Times Tax Money Was Flushed Down The Toilet

It turns out The Man is pretty fond of taking your hard-earned money and spending it on the dumbest shit possible.