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5 Realities Of Having A Child With Organs Outside His Body

Our source's son was born with an omphalocele, which is an abdominal wall defect. That basically meant he was a tiny bundle of horrific medical complications who needed MacGyver to make him home medical equipment.


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20 Times Tax Money Was Flushed Down The Toilet

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8 Brilliant Ways Dumb Criminals Displayed Their Stupidity

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5 Of The Most Hated Things On Earth (With Awesome Benefits)

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20 Signs That You Are Destined For Something Greater

Fate has something greater in store, something that has been foretold for many ages.


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6 Times People Have Legally Claimed To Own Everyday Things

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5 Realities In One Of History's Most Violent Countries

It turns out South Africa today has nothing on South Africa of the '90s.


The 18 Most Ridiculous Things Worth Ridiculous Money

Before throwing any of your weird junk a way, it helps to turn to the Internet to see if any obsessive collectors will buy it from you first.