23 Bone-Chillingly Creepy Real Places You Can Visit

Vacations to safe, non-terrifying destinations are so five minutes ago.
23 Bone-Chillingly Creepy Real Places You Can Visit

Oh, sure, you could spend your extra cash on a totally safe trip to someplace that isn't terrifying. But really, how memorable would that be? Allow us to recommend these alternate destinations - all of which are objectively terrifying.

You're welcome.

Fukushima, Japan, has become a tourist attraction. There are tours organized by the local authorities or you can ride a bus across the nuclear disaste
In London, YoU can visit a pub namedafterthe century doctor who determined source cholera outbreak WORK MOUE JOHNSNOW LCOME FOOD The pub is built at t
Poveglia Island, 10-minutes from the most famous square in Venice, Italy, was a dumping ground for Europeans dying of the plague. If that doesn't put
There is an amazing view at the top of this 75' tall mound of gravel located in Weldon Springs, MO. The climb is great exercise too, as long as you do
Saint George Church, Lukova Czech Republic In 1968, during funeral, the of the a ceiling building collapsed and people started to believe that the chu
You don't need to be the victim of a curse or have been born in ancient Egypt to become a mummy. The soil in some parts of Guanajuato, Mexico has the
The Trenton Psychiatric Hospital, founded in 1848, was New Jersey's first public mental hospital. In 1907, Dr. Henry Cotton took over as the hospital'
Crocodile-infested is the perfect way to describe Cahills Crossing, Australia. Impassable during the rainy season, vehicles often get stuck there an
The Mountain Meadow Massacre Memorial in Central, Utah.. is the original burial place of the approximately 120 immigrant men, women, and children who
There are thousands of corpses exposed at the Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, in Italy. Including that of two-year-old Rosalia Lombardo, who died of pn
Like something out of The Temple of Doom, the Gomantong caves in Malaysia are home to millions of roosting bats. And millions of beetles and roaches w
THE GHOST TOWN OF BODIE, CALIFORNIA Founded in 1876, people flocked to this towh in search of gold and silver. However it eventually went bankrupt and
Museum Vrolik, in the University of Amsterdam, displays anatomically abnormal human and animal specimens. Its collection of birth defects is of partic
This is University College, at the University of Toronto. B 8 BD Supposedly, the ghost of a stonemason, who was killed in a fight during construction,
After praying to him for healing, some people leave old prosthetics in St. Roch's New Orleans chapel. A room in the chapel is now full of braces, crut
Veijo ROnKKOnEn's Sculpture Garden in Finland is filled with a collection of around 450 sculptures made by Veljo since 1961 up to his death. The place
AN OLD AMUSEMENT PARK IN WEST VIRGINIA HAS A DARK AS CK PAST. Built in the 1920s, Lake Shawnee Amusement Park 304:121580 abandoned in f was LeSwNEEE S
CRACKEDD CON Oradour-Sur-Glane is a French village where a Nazi massacre of over 600 people occurred. The ruins are left as they are as a reminder of
This is Aurouze, a pest-control shop in Paris. DESTRO ION DES ANIMAUX NUISIBLES Founded in 1872, it has displayed at their storefront dead rats hangin
An eerie tourist 33 attraction in Cambodia are The Killing Caves of Phnom Sampeau, the open graves of Cambodians slaughtered in the Khmer Rouge genoci
The Bell Witch Cave in Adams, TN is said to be haunted by the legendary Bell Witch. A long string of people have claimed to have had supernatural expe
CRACKED.c A church in Leuk, COM Switzerland, has a room lined with human skulls. In the 1980s, restorers removed the church's floorboards, discovering
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