12 Creepy Urban Legends (That Are True)

12 Creepy Urban Legends (That Are True)

Most spooky legends are merely gruesome fiction, designed to warn kids away from taking candy from strangers or gettin after it in cars parked on secluded country roads. Or at least that's what we tell ourselves. As it turns out, a gut-twistingly large percentage of them have happened to real people. Real people like you. Just sayin'.

When Denverites Robert Young and Mark Rubinson found their friend Jeffrey Jarrett dead, they thought he THEY was just passed TOOK out drunk. THE DEAD

Australian Katherine Knight is a former abattoir worker with a history of murderous fits who's currently serving a life sentence without parole. SHE C

Barbadian-Welsh twins June and Jennifer Gibbons spent years confined in a hospital due to their increasingly bizarre (and delinquent) behavior. THEY P

Had you been in Naples in the 1490s, you might have seen people walking around with their flesh rotten. SYPHILIS WAS LIKE A ZOMBIE OUTBREAK. No one kn

In 1978, Dr. Glen Tucker operated on Jan Lehman's broken nose. He rolled her into a creepily empty operating room and ended up brutally tearing the st

CRACKED.COM Rapper Antron Singleton, a.k.a. Big Lurch, is more than just gangsta. HE'S STRAIGHT CANNIBAL. In 2002, police officers found Singleton pro

CRACKED.COM Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo was a warlock who peddled his spells to both drug dealers and law enforcement officials in Mexico. HIS MAGIC REQ

A Greek monk was detained at the Athens airport in 2011 after a routine check of his luggage. HE WAS CARRYING HUMAN BONES. He claimed they were the bo

In 1916, the Budapest police were tipped off about suspicious metal drums in the house of Bela Kiss, who was off fighting in World Warl. THEY FOUND TW

A Japanese man living on his own started noticing strange things around his house, like food disappearing that he hadn't eaten. HE WASN'T REALLY ALONE

Shortly after returning from Peru, British tourist Rochelle Harris started hearing scratching noses inside her head. FLESH-EATING MAGGOTS WERE BURROWI

CRACKEDcO In 1976, a TV crew working in an amusement park in Long Beach, California, found that a corpse in the haunted mansion wasn't a prop. IT WAS


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