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I've worked in the home improvement industry for over a decade, and as a result of that, I will never own my own house. I've seen too many folks left with their asses hanging in the breeze.


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5 Weirdly Stressful Aspects of America's Sneaker Obsession

If you've ever wondered how shoes came to be such a huge obsession with the youth of this nation and, more importantly, why it stresses people out as much as it does, I have the answers.


4 Brutal Realities Of Treating Chronic Pain

Amanda is part cyborg... kind of. She has a spinal cord stimulator implant, and told us how this all works.


5 Hobbies You Loved As A Child (And Why They Suck)

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6 Pleasant Surprises About Political Myths You Had All Wrong

Even the most straightforward political truths you've always heard aren't nearly as simple as people would like you to believe.


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Despite seeing a road that was entirely made out of obstacles, I pursued my new career as The Most Annoying Man In The World.


6 Real-Life Horror Movies Your History Teacher Skipped Over

Our modern world was made possible by a whole lot of superstition, cruelty, and teeth harvesting on the part of our forefathers.


9 Unbelievable Urban Legends (That Happen To Be True)

Maybe read these with the lights on.


The 5 Most Evil Ways Anyone Ever Got Rich

It turns out there have been plenty of psychopathic killers in history for whom a lifetime of mayhem and mutilation was just their way of paying the bills.