25 Everyday Things That Are Surprisingly Dangerous

Turns out it’s not safe to go outside. Or stay inside.
25 Everyday Things That Are Surprisingly Dangerous

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There are a ton of things in this world that we immediately recognize as dangerous. We're smart enough to avoid them. It's the safe-looking stuff that will get you.

As a public service we asked our readers to find examples of ordinary, inconspicuous stuff that's just lying in wait to kill you.

Washing your hair in a salon can give you a crippling stroke. It's called beauty parlor syndrome, and it happens when your neck artery gets torn bec
SPEED LIMIT 25 More Americans are killed by collisions between motor vehicles and deer... ...than by shark attacks, bear attacks, and alligator attack
Death by boredom. According to researchers at University College London, bored people are twice as likely to die young because of unhealthy life choic
Injuries related to eyeglasses sent over 27 OOO people to emergency rooms in a 2-year period. Over 1,000 of them needed to be checked in to the hospit
Charging your phone overnight under a pillow is as risky as leaving your stove on. The charger gives off heat that has nowhere to gO, which can make t
CRACKEDOON According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, flying champagne corks are responsible for hundreds of potentially blinding eye injurie
WARNING: Hand dryers may be hazardous to your health. In one study, jet air dryers dispersed 20X more virus than warm air dryers, and 190X more than p
GRAGKEDGOM It says right on the package not to stick them in your ear, but people still do. Hundreds of thousands of children end up in emergency room
PLAYGROUNDS OF TERROR? The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimated there were nearly 1.5 MILLION emergency visits in the U.S. attributed to playg
CRACRED In 2013, emergency rooms in the US treated 5415 injuries caused by... ...backpacks? Yes, backpacks. Most of these injuries were due to either
CRACKEDOON From 1985 to 1995, 17 children were killed by the drawstrings on their clothing The drawstrings got accidentally caught on moving objects w
CRACKEDDOON B EMO Doctors are asking formanufacturers to change the shape of bread tags because elderly people are accidentally eating them and gettin
Decorative indoor fountains have led to multiple fatal outbreaks of Legionnaires' disease due to how easily they can grow and transmit dangerous bacte
CRACKEDOON You spend a lot of time using the toilet, right? Well, use It with care. On the average, 33,000 toilet-related injuries happen in America e
Extension cords are the cause of over 4000 home fires and 2000 injuries every year. According to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission, these occu
YOUR FISH TANK CAN MAKE YOU SICK. Aquariums can be the source of numerous diseases passed from fish to their human caretakers. The most common are bac
Country music can make you hurt... if you're white. A 1992 study discovered that the suicide rate among white people goes up when country music is pla
CRACKED.COM Toy and storage chests can be deadly. Apart from crushing fingers, storage chests have caused head injuries, strangulation, and even suffo
Falls from SHOPPING CARTS injure more than 24,000 children each year. CRACKED CO
Be careful on your home treadmill! They resulted in over 24;000 ER visits in 2014alone:
CRACKEDCON Snowblowers were the cause of over 2.000 ER visits from 2002 to 2008. Most of the cases were hand injuries sustained while trying to clear
Your headphones might be killing you. Blasting music into your ears at high volume not only causes hearing damage, it can lead to hypertension, stroke
CRACKED COM Researchers at Nottingham University reveal that people have been injuring themselves trying to open stubborn packaging. They found more t
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