Stupid, Minor Mistakes You Can't Stop Yourself From Making

Hot take: Turns out human nature is really weird.
Stupid, Minor Mistakes You Can't Stop Yourself From Making

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Human beings are creatures of habit, even when those habits are super-dumb. We asked our readers to show us the stupidest, most inconsequential things that they keep doing wrong, even though they know their lives would be much easier if they did them differently.

Every week I plan to take out the trash before I start binge-watching and fall asleep in front of the T'V. And every week I end up chasing the garbage
When it's raining, I'll always insist on leaving home without an umbrella. I'm confident that I'lL be able to avoid getting wet. But I always end up l
I aluays try to assemble things without looking at the instructions. It only takes longer.
I drink water right before going to bed. When I'm standing in front of the toilet in the middle of the night, I have to keeP reminding myself to stop
I set up the coffee maker And forget to put a cup In it CRACKEDCON
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I'm a scatterbrain and I'm aware of it. I misplace my cell phone a gazillion times a day. But I insist on keeping it always on silent mode, making it
CRACKEDON ME RUN FOR COVER OVERFLOWING PASSABLE FINE Even though I'm disgusted by having to gingerly place an empty can of tuna onto the Leaning Tower
Up } & ] E Delete Shift I keep deleting files and browser history, which means I constantly lose important documents and sources. What's worse, I got
O always wait until the worst possible moment to think about replacing the EMPTY ROLL... CRACKEDcO CON
CRACKEDOON I keep buying games from genres I know I don't like because I convince myself, this time will be different. $100 Reeke PautteN ISPACE] 10
I'm always too lazy to bring out a piece of paper and write down instructions whenever our professor is giving uS a project. The consequence? More tim
I've always been an early adopter of new video game tech. Even after my Nintendo DS covered in dead pixels, my all but unused Wiiu, and countless bugg
After reading in bed for g bit, I find myself getting tired, and not wanting to break my glasses if I doze off, I take them off and put them on the ne
Even though I am NOT a morning person, Sa5 0 often tell myself that I will finish in the morning. CRACKED COM
You're saying that I could get a chicken bucket for just a few extra dollars? I can't possibly pass up such a great deal... ...even if it means verstu
I keepanswering calls from unknown numbers... when in this day and age, all of them are either: 1-Wrong numbers. 2-Telemarketerso CRAGKEDCOM
CRACKEIDOON I always write down what I need from the store. I almost she dAd rek always forget aeli atetel nan nAL ka the list when I et go to the sto
audible ONPESSTONS Try an Audible book on us SERIAL SODGUMr Comei Try Premium. For 30 days. For free! E het Lon pvMma Try 1 Month Free, On Us. tPremiu
CRACKEDCON When leaving the office to go and see a client, 0 often think: 'It will be a quick meeting, it's too much effort to pack up the clunky char
Iwill just check the internet for 20 minutes while I wait for the soup to be ready This time 0 won't forget, I swear CRACKEDCOIN
Even though there is an arrow showing me which side of the car my gas tank is on, still pulr up on the WRONG side of the damn pump! GRAICKEDCOM
Yeah... I don't have to write that down, I'll remember it later. A FEW MOMENTS LATER: Wait, what was that thing I'm supposed to remember? CRAGKEDAON
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