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5 Things Nobody Understands About PTSD (Thanks To Movies)

America loves the idea of its soldiers. But the thing is that real human beings are coming back from war zones with a long list of nightmarish health problems that pretty much nobody wants to hear about.


The 20 Most Badass Things Ever Said In Real Life

'Everybody has a plan until they get hit.'


5 Shockingly Outdated Problems Modern Women Face At Work

Most of the headwinds women face when trying to advance in the workplace exist due to cultural inertia. This is how we've always done it, and fundamental habits are hard to change.


5 Brutal Reasons 75% Of Special Ed Teachers Quit

When your students have physical conditions that make it difficult for them to even sit in a chair or hold a pencil, an already thankless job is taken to a whole other level.


5 Killer Pranks That Prove Politicians Have A Sense Of Humor

No matter what echelon of society you live in, there is a part of the human brain that stops aging in high school.


I Supported A Family Playing Poker: 5 Dark Realities

Unless you're made of stone, taking other people's cash will sometimes make you feel like the biggest bastard in the world.


8 Proven Techniques For Avenging Your Fallen Master

If your master was humiliated while delivering a PowerPoint presentation, extreme violence is the answer.


5 Realities Of The One Illegal Drug Available Everywhere

As anybody who's sadly tried to suck the last of the whipped cream out of the can can attest, nitrous oxide can get you high. And, like any powerful drug, it breeds its own kind of addicts.


7 Famous Mascots (Who Once Looked Scary As Hell)

Cutesy, huggable mascots are a shockingly new corporate strategy. Up until recently, characters of the 'Did Satan create this?' variety were fairly commonplace.


5 Insane Facts That Will Change How You View Christianity

It turns out there are some chapters of the Bible that are too awkward, terrifying or just plain embarrassing for your average Sunday school teacher to handle.


6 Creepy Realities Of The (Shockingly Real) Rat Hunting Game

Nothing important ever goes away -- it just evolves -- and today the tradition of ratcatching lives on through professional exterminators and amateur rat-hunting groups.


I Have No Sense Of Smell: 5 Insane Realities

A world without sniffing farts seems promising at first, but here's the stinking truth.


5 Huge Products That Failed Because Of Hilarious Oversights

When going up against VHS, make sure your product can actually hold a whole movie on it.


19 Evil Things Rich People and Corporations Get Away With

The federal government won't give you a break on your student loans, but this guy can file bankruptcy four times and not pay a cent.


The 5 Most Shameless Money Grabs By The Fitness Industry

I think the log is called ViPR, but maybe I misread something and it's actually the true name of the entity that possesses all these people.