‘Fraiser’ Pulls Off Rare Double-Nepo-Baby Stunt

Frasier’s daughter will play Roz’s daughter. Wait, what?
‘Fraiser’ Pulls Off Rare Double-Nepo-Baby Stunt

Any successful star can hire their kid to perform on their sitcom. Lucille Ball did it on The Lucy Show with Lucie and Desi Jr. back in the 1960s. Dan Levy flipped the script by hiring dad Eugene for Schitt’s Creek. But employ your kid to play another beloved character’s offspring? That’s the Double-Nepo-Baby Back Handspring, a stunt rarely attempted outside of Olympic qualifying competitions. 

The guy to pull off the Daughter-Daughter-Double-Dip is Kelsey Grammer, scribbling his name on a well-deserved paycheck to daughter Greer Grammer. She’ll play the daughter of fan-favorite Roz (Peri Gilpin) on Season Two of the Frasier reboot. The junior Grammer no doubt beat out hundreds of talented actresses for the role. 

Variety has the lowdown on Greer’s character, Alice: “Now in her late 20s, friendly, outgoing Alice has inherited more than some of her mother Roz’s free-spirited ways. Having just moved to Providence to study architecture, Alice is eager to catch up with Frasier’s son Freddy — and complicate whatever romantic plans he may have.”

Wait a minute — is Variety insinuating that Kelsey’s real-life daughter has romantic designs on his fictional son? What demented form of slash-fiction are they churning out at Paramount+ these days? If only there were some kind of radio psychiatrist we could call to sort out all the Freudian implications. 

The romantically prolific Grammer claims he’s never encouraged any of his seven children by four different wives to enter show business, but Variety says most of them have ended up in the business (or aspire to) anyway. For example, Spencer Grammer landed a plum role in the 2022 Lifetime movie The 12 Days of Christmas Eve. In a twist of fate, Kelsey happened to both produce and star in the movie. 

“(Wife #4) Kayte and I were talking about how it’s really something that a child would follow in their father’s footsteps,” Grammer explains. “To think that all my kids, at least the ones that have a hand in the air, are ready to take responsibility for their lives, are all drawn to this industry. And she said, ‘That’s something to be proud of.’”

But it’s not all sitcoms and Lifetime movies, says Grammer. “It’s a bit of a mixed blessing to have my last name,” he says. “People take it out on you. You get some attention maybe because of it. And there’s a split as to whether or not it’s good or bad.” 

For proof, look no further than the comments section of Greer Grammer’s Instagram


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