Kelsey Grammer in Year Three of Making ‘Frasier’ Reboot Announcements

‘Frasier’ Season 12 is supposedly going to drop before the end of the year — sans every character but Frasier
Kelsey Grammer in Year Three of Making ‘Frasier’ Reboot Announcements

Frasier, your tossed salad and scrambled eggs are getting cold.

It’s been almost two decades since the beloved sitcom Frasier concluded with Seattle’s snootiest psychiatrist bidding farewell to the Pacific Northwest and settling in Chicago with his lady love Charlotte. It also feels as if Kelsey Grammer has been teasing a reboot for about as long — even if few of the other surviving cast members are nearly as interested as the star himself.

In a recent interview with U.K. publication The Times, Grammer explained that his on-screen brother David Hyde Pierce will not be joining him when he supposedly brings back the iconic sitcom later this year. Instead, he’s hired a notable Brit to play across him in tastefully decorated living rooms while they sip sherry — Nicholas Lyndhurst, best known for the much-awarded sitcom Only Fools and Horses, has supposedly signed on for the project. With filming supposedly complete for Frasier Season 12, we may be coming to the end of the speculation cycle. But if it doesn’t release by the end of the year, we’ll have to ask Grammer if the reboot is in the room with us right now.

“He’s lived a kind of a parallel life with me. Now we’ve found our way back to one another,” Grammer said of the fictional radio host and psychiatrist who put him on the map. “This character, who is obviously fictional, has a life outside of mine that is just as believable and palpable as the one I’ve actually lived — and I’m good at playing him. We were funny together.”

The Frasier reboot was officially greenlit by Paramount+ in February 2021, billed as a “third act" for the iconic character and another Cheers spinoff coming three decades after Sam turned off the bar’s lights for good. Grammer has been eagerly pounding the drum for the return ever since its announcement, but even today, a release date has yet to materialize. The vague promise that Season 12 would drop before the end of 2023 is the closest we have to assurance that this reboot is actually, really real and not a figment of Frasier’s imagination. But as we approach the halfway point in the year, we’re still not holding our breath.

We can’t wait for this alleged Frasier reboot to finally drop, if only so that Grammer can stop teasing it, and, morbidly, to see if, after so many years and so many missing cast members, Dr. Crane finds himself suffering from Sequelitis.

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