You Can Now Buy the Bar from ‘Cheers’

Cheers from ‘Cheers’ is up for sale along with Archie Bunker’s living room and Johnny Carson’s desk
You Can Now Buy the Bar from ‘Cheers’

What price could one possibly put on a place where everybody knows your name? An auction house in Dallas is about to find out.

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Earlier this week on Today, Joe Fryer explored the sets of All in the Family, The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and Cheers where they sit in Dallas' Heritage Auctions as part of TV archivist James Comisar’s collection. Comisar has officially started the process of finding Archie Bunker’s living room a new home, as each of these three iconic sets will be available for purchase by the highest bidder at an auction next month. The crown jewel of the collection is clearly the Cheers bar from, well, Cheers, behind which Ted Danson once served Boston’s most colorful working stiffs. 

Though Comisar previously attempted to transform his collection into a TV history museum, he now hopes to pass along the sets to new custodians whose love for ‘80s television is as deep as their pockets. No opening bids have yet been listed on the Heritage Auctions website, but we have a feeling the selling price will be steeper than Norm’s tab. Hey, maybe Danson will pick up the check – almost exactly thirty years after the Cheers finale, Sam might be ready for another round.

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