21 Huge Pop Culture Moments Brought To You By Booze/Drugs

Turns out people are way more loaded than you suspected.
21 Huge Pop Culture Moments Brought To You By Booze/Drugs

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Along the way we've all been bombarded with information via pamphlets, PSAs, and substance abuse programs that tell us drugs are bad and we should never, ever, ever touch them.

And while yes, drugs and alcohol can be absolutely crippling and destroy families and lives, it turns out a fair amount of our most iconic moments wouldn't even exist without copious amounts of booze and pills. For example ...

When Oliver Stone appeared on Jeopardy's special DC Power Players tournament in 1997 ... $4100 300 S 15000 uL V s 11000 11500. 3/. HE WAS ON ECSTASY.
Kanye's I'mma let you finish moment at the 2009 VMAS came after he tried to let himselffinish a bottle. of Hennessey cognac. He He later observed,
ras Actor John Reynolds who starred in CRACKED.COM af FATE THE HANDS tripped on ACID when he gave the unique and unforgettable performance as TORGO T
Peter O'Toole and Omar Sharif were drunk during a big action scene in Lawrence of Arabia. The two actors were nervous about filming the Battle of Aqab
CRACKED COM ApocalypzeN Now In an early scene, actor Martin Sheen is alone in a hotel room. Sheen, an alcoholic, had been drinking heavily that day pr
Rick Mor And How does voice actor JUSTIN ROILAND perform his chronically alcoholic character RICK SANCHEZ so well? Sometimes, he's ACTUALLY DRUNK. TOR
According to Neve Campbell and Denise Richards, the steamy scenes in Wild Things were made possible by TEQUILA & WINE.
Brad Pitt and Edward Norton were drunk in the Fight Club scene where they hit golf balls. By mistake, they kept hitting the catering truck.
In 1972 Burt Reynolds famously posed nude for Cosmopolitan magazine becoming the first male nude centerfold. He was also sh *tfaced at the time. Reyno
IT'S LIFE A WONDERFUL The scene where the drunk pharmacist Mr. Grower (H.B. Warner) slaps a young George Bailey (Bob Anderson) involved Warner being v
In 1970, Pittsburgh P Pirates pitcher Dock EIlIS threw a no-hitter while ES under the effects Of LSD. DOCK ELLIS 1970 PITTSBUROH CRACKED.COM
CRACKED.COM mle HANGOVER Mike Tyson has admitted that he was high on cocaine while filming his memorable cameo.
The set of Popeye was one big drug party. ACR While filming the family-friendly motion picture in Malta, Harry Nilsson (the movie's composer) and many
BILLY BOB THORNTON GOT LEGITIMATELY DRUNK ON THE SET OF BAD SANTA. Thornton later said of the experience, If you're going to play a guy like this, yo
Adele hain-smoked and drank heavily while writing her mega- -successful album 21. In a Vanity Fair interview, the singer revealed, I was completely o
Matthew Perry was sO high in Friends seasons three to six, he can't remember filming them. He was taking methadone, amphetamines, Vicodin, and alcohol
Several of the cast and crew got stoned while on set of The Texxas Chainsaw Massacre, including Leatherface actor Gunnar Hansen. He was high as a kite
THE SHOW MUST GO ON Freddie Mercury's swan about his determination to perform despite his debilitating illness demanded such difficult vocals that B
THE WOLF OF WALL STREET Margot Robbi, then a newcomer, had to take 3 shots of tequila before doing her first ever SeX scene with Leonardo Dicaprio CRA
Daniel Radcliffe revealed in an interview that he can pinpoint the scenes in the tally Patter SE series which he filmed drunk. He insisted that he nev


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