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5 Things You Learn At A Hospital In An Active Warzone

Where there are war zones, there are hospitals full of hardworking people putting comrades, enemies, and civilians back together all in the same shift.


6 Mindf*@k Problems You Face Being President

Why would anyone want to be the president of the United States? The pay is so-so, the job is next to impossible, and the only real perk is meeting rap stars.


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20 Reasons You Suck Because You Don't Have A Trident

Statistically speaking, you don't have a trident. You've probably never even considered having a trident. And that's really unfortunate.


How 22 Companies Screw Their Customers (In Just 6 Words)

Disney are the most fun, lovable, price-gouging jerks in the world.


4 Things That Were Going To Kill Us All (Until They Didn't)

People feared train travel would literally destroy our children's futures.


The Cases Are Fake: A Theory That Totally Changes Sherlock

Throughout the entire series, Sherlock Holmes, super-sleuth, misses the most obvious clue right in front of him: that his brother, Mycroft, is creating fake puzzles for him to solve to keep him from killing himself.


6 Horrifying Acts Of Desperation & Fear Caused By Spiders

See! Spiders really are just the worst.


Why Are Cops Shooting Dogs? 5 Things You Should Know

Tiffanie nearly went to jail for putting her own body between a state trooper's gun and her beloved dog. Here's what she told us.


4 Spam Emails That Deserve To Be Movies

I say it's time we recognize the stirring tales found in spam emails by giving them the silver screen adaptations they've long deserved.


5 Insane Things Superhero Movies (Correctly) Assume About Us

I don't know what made superhero movies popular, but I do know what they think about us.


5 True Stories Where If You Heard Them You'd Be Like "Nah"

Soap operas are like professional wrestling for housewives, full of outlandish characters and convoluted plots too crazy for real life. Or are they?