Bizzaro Swag Franchises & Celebs Have Put Their Names On

Bizzaro Swag Franchises & Celebs Have Put Their Names On

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Seems like every franchise wants to pull a George Lucas and fill an entire swimming pool with cash earned by selling collectibles. Unfortunately, that means we wind up with some truly questionable, yet truly official, merchandise.

Merchandise like ...

Entry by Maclise

For any THEr SPARUK Rred Trekkie with a SFTORER GEneRatian Romulan nEXT THE Ale shaped hole in their heart... CAPTAIN'S HOLIDAY AL PLAVORS CrRUS SO7 M

Entry by ron saito

Enchanted Disney FINE JEWELRY ZALES EXPLORE THE COLLECTION THEDIAMOND S TORE $6,999.99 Enchanted Disney Elsa 1-1/5 CT. TW. Diamond Snowflake Engagemen

Entry by Maclise

Looking to display your ironic nerd humor? Check out the Star Wars Admiral Ackbar ADN Singing Bass. This abomination plays the cantina song and Ackbar
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