Design can make or break a product. Sometimes companies get it right, and their products are universally loved. But more often than not, companies release products that are just plain awful. 

When it comes to product design, sometimes it can be uh, hard to nail Companies create products that are just plain awkward, ugly, and uncomfortable. Here are some of the worst offenders.

The fact is, product designers and customers now have unprecedented access to each other because of social media. You'd assume that because of the constant flow of communication, everything for sale would be great and ideally tailored to the needs of buyers.

It's no secret that some product designs are just plain awful. But sometimes, it's hard to understand how these products ever made it off the drawing board and into stores. Here are some of the worst offenders – designs that were so bad, they made us scratch our heads in confusion.

You'd be thinking incorrectly.

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