Publicly Funded Art That Should Have Been Nixed

Creations that make you ask 'why?' and not in a thoughtful way.
Publicly Funded Art That Should Have Been Nixed

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Look, we get it. Art is subjective, and fancy academics understand artistic creations on levels we'll never even begin to grasp. But the thing is, some art is indisputable garbage, no matter how many BFAs a person has.

And sometimes that garbage is paid for by taxpayer money, or donors, and unveiled in some wildly public location where absolutely everyone has to endure it. Such as:

THE HAVRE DE GRACE BROTHEL MURAL BECKONS ONE AND ALL. Havre de Grace is a small waterside community in Maryland whose name means Graceful Harbor. AE
CANADA'S JACK PURCELL STATUE LOOKS LIKE A TRIBUTE TO DIPPING EASTER EGGS. This ottawa landmark was designed to look like multiple badminton rackets to
SEATTLE'S CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS STATUE IS FILLED WITH ANGUISH. The late Douglas Bennett cherishedhis bronze rendering of Columbus, referring to it as h
EGYPT'S NEFERTITI STATUE WAS SANABOMINATION. Upset by Germany's refusal to return the orld-famous Queen Nefertiti bust, Egyptian officials decided to
THE SUNBATHER WASWELCOMED WITH PUBLIC SCORN. In a bid to bring some artistic flourish to 2 Long Island, the local government committed over half a m
THIS POPE JOHN PAUL II STATUE LOOKS MORE LIKE IL DUCE. Sculptor Oliviero Rainaldi's monumentt to the beloved pope was widely criticized. After blaming
CRACKEDcO THE BIG OWL STATUE IN AUSTRALIA LOOKS LIKE SOMETHING ELSE. This statue of a predatory bird, which the sculptor intended to portray a guardia
WISCONSIN'S NAIL'S TALES STATUE LOOKS LIKE A WANG MADEOF SKULLS. Perhaps it was a poor choice to hire someone who knew nothing about football to make
NEWYORK'S TRIUMPH OF CIVIC VIRTUE IS PROBLEMATIC, AT BEST. Even in 1922, Triumph of Civic Virtue was seen as sexist, and sparked protests at its City
QUASI THE HAND PERSON TERRIFIES CHRISTCHURCH. Just as Gotham City has Batman, Christchurch had its own disconcerting $164,555 presence peering down fr
CRACKEDcO THE BLUE RING OF CALGARY IS UNLOVED. $470,000 As the old Canadian saying goes, Give an artist 470 large and too much freedom, and you get t
THIS BRITISH CRACKED COM ANTI-LITTERING MURAL IS WEIRDLY FILTHY. In an attempt to reduce littering at a public park, an artist was paid to create a mu
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