Ordinary Things That Shouldn't Be Infuriating, But Are

Get ready to put your fist through a wall.
Ordinary Things That Shouldn't Be Infuriating, But Are

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There's a ton of scary, terrible stuff going on in the world that it makes perfect sense to be angry about. Which is why it's super-weird that objectively inconsequential garbage tends to be the thing that makes us the most enraged.

For example ...

I get angry when I've already put cereal in a bowl, then find out there's not enough milk for it. I get angrier when I have enough milk, only to learn
No matter how many times I shake after peeing, a few droplets of urine are going to come out right after I tuck in and ruin my undies. It really pisse
I SPEND MY WHOLE COMMUTE SEETHING WHENEVER THE RADIO PLAYS MUSIC I DON'T LIKE.. Even though it would take me 30 seconds to stream any music of my choi
Gotta pee so bad! AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!!!
CRACKEDCO COM It makes me want to slap my friend when they show me an article to read and then start to talk about it while I'm trying to read it.
When I'm reading a book and there's a sentence/passage that I just can't make sense of. I get furious at myself for not being smarter and then furious
CRACKEDco COM now call! 71 missed have You C It makes me mad when I miss a phone call by only a few seconds and immediately call them back, but then t
CRACKED c COM I get incredibly angry at people who drag their feet while walking. E can't be the only one who loathes the sound of shoe soles scraping
101 Nothing quite chafes my inips like having 4 bars of 1 011 LTE but little to no data. 14:40 oll LTE SPEEDTEST DOWNLOAD Mbps UPLOAD Mbps 3.42 11.9 P
I hate it when I'm in line at a fast food restaurant and the people in front of me are busy chatting. n Only when it's their turn to order do they loo
It drives me nuts when a song I like plays on the radio and someone loudly sings along to it, ruining the listening experience.
Hotel pillows give me angry and sleepless nights. My head is too low with only one pillow, but too high when I use two. CRACKEDOON
CRACKEDCO I lose it when everyone is too polite to take the last piece.
No matter how tightly 0 tie my shoes, they still become untied and then 0 become unravelled because it just wasted TEI 5E895 5 OUL FPO9E. CRACRED COM
How hard can it be to squeeze Aquafresh EXTREMAD L CLEAN WHION ACTION toothpaste from the bottom?
I wake up every morning in a full rage, because there's a gap where my curtains don't quite meet that lets the sunlight shine right in my face. CRACKE
The sensation of an earbud slipping out of my ear drives me insane... ...even though I could easily adjust it with a finger. CRACKED COM
get really irritated and impatient when the elevator takes longer than it's supposed to. Sometimes I'll get so pissed that I'll rapidly and repeatedly
I'm not a robot reCAPTCHA Privacy Please type the two words below to ensure that a person, not an automated program. IS submitting this form. AYOV. Ty
Annoying Friend Stop sending me texts in bits and pieces!!! Please write your ideas in a whole CRAO paragraph like a civilized human. Otherwise, my ph
Menzon 7:49 PM 0100% il Verizon 7:49 PM 09 10056 Mailboxes Edit 00 DOD All Inboxes Butts Farts Discord YouTube Search wP A Cinemark Movie Rewar... 7:3
CRACKEDOON Few things irritate me more than losing the end of a roll of CLEAR TAPE... ...and having to scratch at it, furiously and futilely, before g
When you finally finish installing the game... x LEAGUE EGENDS UPDATING... ETA -8 MINS 1726.1 MB 1528.5 MB but now it begins updating. I wanted to pla
CRACKEDOON store the jerk $25 I love it when people get me gift cards. I hate my ability to misplace them the moment I want to use them.
When I've been standing in line for 15 minutes and they finally open another register. Me I CAN HELP WHOEVER'S NEXT! MOTHER F**KER! And some people do
Our apartment complex's dryer rings out when it's done, and it'll keep going until someone turns it off. CRAUN Naturally, this can last hours. I'm not
When I immediately forget the new password that I just used to overwrite the old one. CRACKEDOON
CRAC When cable descriptions are less than helpful, get frustrated beyond words. The Office rov 2:00 am 2:30 am PGI(L, D) Michael comes up with an ide
It pisses me off that whenever I try to take a hanger from my wardrobe, it gets tangled with another hanger.
CRACKEDcO COM I'm baffled by the strength of glue that gets used for price tags. 21. 3.11.91 It shouldn't take hot water and a Brillo pad to get a sti
Oh, cool! A parking spot. R RKIN CRACKED COM GODDAMMIT!
CRACKEDC GOM I'm not sure I dislike anything as much as when 0 text tap tap someone tap and they immediately respond RING RING RING by calling.
Me, CRACKEDCON most of the time Jammed Drawer (Elapsed Time: 3 seconds)
I experience a blood boiling bout of rage whenever I find out that some PSYCHOPATH has torn off their toilet paper with no regard for the PERFORATIONS
I have to resist the urge to body slam people who randomly stop walking in front of me. CRACKEDCON
Microwaves infuriate me. After five minutes my food is still somehow cold. But just three minutes longer and my food is now lava. 4 5 7 B 4 0
CRACKEIDON I find such crimes against chocolate extremely infuriating. Just break off the damn cubes you bloody monster!
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