Single Billionaire Seeks Bubbly Female For Moon Vacation

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Single Billionaire Seeks Bubbly Female For Moon Vacation

Ladies, your search for a man is over: Might I introduce you to Japanese fashion billionaire Yusaku Maezawa. He's a 44-year-old divorced father of three, and he's seeking a woman who is at least 20-years old to accompany him on his trip to the moon, and (if you hit it off) beyond. A lot of guys just want to use you as arm candy to look good during humanity's first tourist visit to the moon. Not Yusaku, ladies. He wants a moon partner and a life partner - someone who will be by his side long after he returns from the moon, assuming you don't burn to death upon reentry.

We're looking for people to be Yusaku Maezawa's matchmaking partner X It's a serious one-on-one planned matchmaking event!

Yusaku has grown a lot since he first bought his Space X ticket to the moon back in September 2018. Back then, Yusaku promised that he would bring along a crew of artists so they could be inspired by this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to look at the moon more closely than usual. That wild part of his life is over. Now he wants to settle down and visit the moon with a woman from the internet. Such a reasonable and relatable dream.

If you're interested in dating Yusaku/getting a free moon trip, all you have to do is woo him with one of the most romantic gestures a human could possibly perform: submitting an application on his website. If you feel like you aren't the right kind of girl for a moon vacation, don't worry: Yusaku's standards aren't unrealistically high. All you need, according to Yusaku, is a "bright personality" and to "be someone who wishes for world peace". Cynical 19-year-old tyrants need not apply.

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