Reminder: The Doomsday Clock Is A Load Of Bullshit

Weird how it doesn't countdown to it's own death by irrelevance.
Reminder: The Doomsday Clock Is A Load Of Bullshit

As the infamous Doomsday Clock moves 20 seconds closer to midnight -- bringing us a scant 100 seconds away from the end of humanity -- it's a good time to remind you that the Doomsday Clock is a load of artsy crap pulled by people trying to quantify the unquantifiable. The Doomsday Clock is, as Wikipedia puts it, "a symbol that represents the likelihood of a man-made global catastrophe." The closer the clock moves towards midnight, the closer we are to being apocalyptically boned, you see. The logic is sound.

Reminder: The Doomsday Clock Is A Load Of Bullshit
Ryanicus Girraficus/Wikimedia Commons
The clock is ticking toward the inexorable end OF THESE DOORBUSTER MATTRESS SALES!

The concerns that move its hands are usually stuff like nuclear war and climate change. But it's a new global threat this time: information warfare. Fake news. Disinformation campaigns. Deepfakes. Tapping people on the shoulder and pretending it wasn't you. All of these concerns will form a Megazord of chaos and destruction that will surely spell doom in 100 seconds, but not real seconds - metaphorical seconds.

One day we'll have so many terrifying potential apocalypses that the clock will strike midnight. If that happens and the event is not immediately followed by a disaster that wipes out most, if not all of humanity -- oh boy, will those clock people be embarrassed.

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