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Anti-Vaxxers Are More Organized Than You Think

It's not just soccer moms anymore.


Stop Explaining What MLK 'Would Have Done' To MLK’s Children

Twitter users know no shame.


Monopolies Normal People Have No Clue Exist

These industries, they are dummy concentrated.


Landlords, Can You Not Be Trash Right Now?

Landlords are treating this like an opportunity to live in a porno trope.


Nobody Knows How Wildfire Season Is Gonna Go

How many crises can we deal with at once? We're gonna find out.


Twitter Finally Corrects Trump And He Goes Full Dictator Mode

Twitter finally called Trump out. Now he wants to shut them down.


JK Rowling Still Sucks At Metaphors

Look us in the eye and tell us who the Marshlanders are, Joanne.


To Celebrate Nearly 100k Dead, Trump Donates 100k

They're 100% going to accidentally going to release his tax returns in an campaign fundraising email blast.


How Is KFC So Late To The Chicken Sandwich Wars?

America's never going to say no to a fried chicken sandwich, but...


Garfield-Themed Restaurant Exists, Is Having A Hard Time

The future of the Garfield-shaped food industry is in peril.


A Michigan Dam Burst, Can We Finally Tackle Infrastructure Now?

How many once-in-a-century problems does it take before we do something?


To Encourage Folks to Bone, Trojan Released a ... Cookbook?

It’s like a horror movie in which you’ve been kidnapped and forced to do nothing but bake and bang.


Hey, Starbucks, We Branded Your New Drink For You

Starbuck's rampant promotion of new drinks around any type event is so exploitative and transparent that it has become amusing.