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New Zealanders Are Raving Right Now

Being from New Zealand is a massive flex in 2020 -- but it doesn't have to be.


5 Unspoken Reasons The Holidays Suck For Millions Of Americans

There's a reason holiday movies are never about retail jobs.


Chile's Protesters Just Changed Their Constitution (Pay Attention, US)

What the US can learn from the time Chile voted out fascism.


'Borat 2' Star Rudy Giuliani Leads Bizarrely Surreal Press Conference

Lying, hair dye fails, and 90s films -- oh my!


Amazon Accidentally Reunites Ireland

Is there anything the e-commerce giant can't do?


Flamethrower-toting Man Hops On Bus, Spews Fire

Talk about a blaze of glory...


Dolly Parton Helped Fund Moderna's Research To Get Us Out Of This

Further proof why Dolly is a national treasure in these trying times.


Georgia Voter President Trump Said Was Dead Is Alive, Kickin'

She's alive! Like actually. There's no joke here. She's, alive, well, and participating in democracy.


After Trump Leaves, Expect The Garbage Ideas To Get Polite

The future of bad ideas is easy-to-watch YouTube videos.


Separated Americans And Canadians Are 'Sex Tenting' Due To Customs Loophole

Because an 8 month dry-spell can lead to some, um, interesting solutions.


Spain's Latest Botched Art Restoration Is Really Really Bad

We're pretty sure we could have restored this better ...


Coup-O-Meter Shows Exactly How Screwed Our Democracy is Right Now

Because modern problems require modern solutions.


QAnon Is Really Going Through It Right Now

Post election, QAnon is going through a trying time. If only if Danny DeVito was there to offer them an egg ...


5 Bizarre, Less-Talked-About Problems with the Police

There are a lot more problems with police culture than just the stuff that makes the news ...