20 Beautiful Facts For Every Trivia Tastemaker

20 Beautiful Facts For Every Trivia Tastemaker

Did you know that your newborn’s first poop can be tested for drugs? It’s true! Meconium, the first bowel movement of an infant, can be analyzed to determine if the mother smoked, drank or used drugs during pregnancy. On a completely different note, although you might not think it, a small Irish football team’s logo is actually in honor of the Ottoman Empire. Drogheda United FC has a logo based on the Ottomans because they smuggled food into Drogheda during the Great Famine. The team even changed their colors from blue and white to red and white in order commemorate this act of kindness. Lastly, did you know that sunflowers are made up hundreds of single-petal flowers? What appear to be “petals” of an individual flower are actually each individual complete ray flowers, and at its center is a dense pack of tiny disc flowers. So a sunflower is basically the Voltron of botany.

The Garcia Effect makes you avoid food that you associate with getting sick.

Having an aversion to food after it makes you throw up just once is called the Garcia Effect. GRACKED.COM This happens even if you know getting sick had nothing to do with the food you ate and instead was due to a virus.

Intro Psych / Wikipedia

Water cremation is the more environmentally friendly version of heat cremation.

Water cremation takes 1/4 of the energy of heat cremation with less resulting pollutants. CRACKED COM Alkaline hydrolysis is the process of heating a body in a mix of water and po- tassium hydroxide down to its chemical components, which are then disposed of through the sewer, or as a fertilizer.

The Guardian / Wikipedia

The International Redhead Day festival is held every year in the Netherlands.

Every year, the Dutch city of Breda hosts the International Redhead Day festival. GRACKED.COM Redheads from more than 80 countries gather for the festival every year. It all started in 2005 when Dutch artist Bart Rouwen- horst put out an ad to find 15 redheads to paint, and received 150 replies.

Metro / Wikimedia

The Pandora CEO says he didn’t know it was illegal to not pay employees.

Pandora Radio didn't pay its employees for 2 years. 10 CRACKED.COM Pandora co-founder Tim Westergren claimed he didn't know he was break- ing the law. It took ven- ture capital money in 2004, and two lawsuits, to pay the 50 employees the $2 million owed.

FindLaw / Wikipedia

Evidence of a mother’s drug and alcohol abuse can be found in her infant’s first poop.

A newborn's first poop can be used to determine if the parents keep or lose their baby. CRACKED.COM Meconium, the first bowel movement of an infant, can be tested to determine if the mother smoked, drank or engaged in drug use during pregnancy.

NCBI / Wikipedia

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