20 Chittering Facts That Really Pumped Our Jams

20 Chittering Facts That Really Pumped Our Jams

Did you know that Japanese high school students learn very little about World War 2? In fact, “Only 19 of the book's 357 pages dealt with events between 1931 and 1945,” according to Mariko Oi, a former Tokyo high school student, speaking about the texbook used. The early 1900s to WWII is pretty much kinda left out of the curriculum, in fact. Switching to biology, how about Anton syndrome? Have you ever heard of this type of blindness where individuals deny being blind? Well, the blindness occurs in the brain’s vision area rather than the eyes. But, since, because sufferers' eyes still work, doctors theorize they deny being blind. How wild is that? Finally, did you know that Japan had an illustrated history of America that was totally bonkers in 1861?! Among other things, it depicted John Adams stabbing a giant snake and George Washington punching a Tiger. Sadly, the anime version of this book has, as far as we know, not yet been produced.

A single-driver car was manufactured that only weighed 130 lbs.

The Peel P50 car was designed for a single driver and one shopping bag. - TRIDENT CRACKED.COM Because it had no re- verse gear, drivers had to walk out of the car and physically drag it around, which was do- able because it weighed only 130lbs.

AutoFocus / Wikipedia

The democratically elected ruler of Peru initiated a “self coup.”

In 1992, Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori initiated a self-coup. CRACKED.COM Despite already being the democratic ruler of the country, he overthrew the Congress and Judiciary with military force and assumed full autocratic power.

News Week / Unsplash

China has an army of pigeons just in case their military can’t communicate.

The Chinese Army has 10,000 trained pigeons in the event that war renders its modern technology unusable. CRACKED.COM The pigeons, flying at speeds of up to 75 miles per hour, are being trained to car- ry loads of up to 3.5 oz.

Time / Unsplash

A triad boss became the head of an opium suppression unit, which his criminal organization used to sell the opium.

A Triad boss named Du Yuesheng was granted the rank of general in the Nationalist Chinese army. CRACKED.COM Не became head of the Opium Suppres- sion Bureau, which he used to seize opium to be sold by his own criminal organization.

Source / Wikipedia

A type of blindness occurs in the brain rather than the eyes.

Anton syndrome is a type of blindness where individuals deny being blind. CRACKED.COM The blindness occurs in the brain's vision area rather than the eyes. Doctors theorize sufferers deny being blind because their eyes still work.

NCBI / Wikipedia

Japanese history classes kind of skip over World War 2.

Japanese high school curriculum usually leaves out the early 1900s to WWII. CRACKED.COM Only 19 of the book's 357 pages dealt with events be- tween 1931 and 1945, said Mariko Oi, who attended high school in Tokyo. There was also just one sentence on the atomic bombings of Hiroshi- ma and Nagasaki.

BBC / Wikipedia

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