Kanye, Billionaire Who Built Career On Song About Jesus, Thinks Jews Are Keeping Him Down

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Kanye, Billionaire Who Built Career On Song About Jesus, Thinks Jews Are Keeping Him Down

Kanye West is (sigh) back in the news, and as it has been for a couple of years now, it’s not because one of his songs is good. It is, once again, for some absolutely insane stuff to say, this time anti-semitism that culminated in Adidas dropping him as a partner today. Over time, as his life has started to crumble, he’s taken refuge in the way that many people with a complete inability for self-reflection and access to YouTube do: that this is actually all a master plan, orchestrated by the entire world, in order to make his wife hate him. Smelling blood in the water, and the chance to have on an actual recognizable celebrity and not a washed up 80s TV star who long dissolved their frontal lobe with good Hollywood cocaine, Fox News et al ran, not walked, to get him on their show.

Laughably enough, even dandy nematode Tucker Carlson had to cut portions of their interview before air, because he forgot that you’re only allowed to STRONGLY INTIMATE bigotry and then raise one eyebrow like a Dreamworks protagonist and shrug, saying something like “It’s a question that needs to be asked.” The most prominent sentiment among them being that old chestnut that Jews control the media. I guess us Jews really love TikTok influencers doing pranks and cable dramas about Chicago police departments. I also guess that the song that did a lot of the heavy lifting to launch Kanye’s solo career, “Jesus Walks”, was another grand-minded Jewish ploy to get people to, uh, respect the idea of Jesus Christ as a benevolent messiah.


Give him a break guys! He was a little sleepy!

I’m sure we’re all in for a whole lot of fun as Kanye and those who ACTUALLY have a vested interest in controlling and using him to gin up anti-semitic sentiments through a relatable and familiar face use the fact that he can’t sell his weird H.R. Giger booties as more evidence that the Jews are keeping him down. It, of course, couldn’t possibly be that a shoe company doesn’t see the profits of hypebeast clothing lines as worth having to align themselves with anti-semitism during a record high period of anti-semitic hate crime. You don’t have to have the stereotypical business sense of a propaganda caricature of a Jew to realize that a prominent figure in your company constantly on the border of saying Josef Mengele was a scientific genius for sewing twins together and freezing people to death is a bit of a PR headache. Or hey, maybe see if Hugo Boss wants to get back into the Nazi business.

Maybe what the famously narcissistic Kanye needs to realize is that the Holocaust and global history of anti-semitism and genocide is a whole lot bigger than him. To put it in numbers he might actually understand, the 4 million copies he sold (estimated circa 2004) of The College Dropout, his best-selling album of all time, is still 2 million less than the number of Jewish men, women, and children murdered in the Holocaust. My personal recommendation for Kanye West is the next time he needs some shoe inspiration, he should take a trip to the ones on display in the Holocaust Memorial Museum.

Top Image: Public Domain/Twitter

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