23 Celebs That Handed It To Trolls

23 Celebs That Handed It To Trolls

The great thing about social media is the instantaneous and constant access to famous people who want absolutely nothing to do with us (just like real life). Which is kinda not great for celebrities, because they're constantly being targeted by critics, trolls, and the press. Here's the thing: even the rich, famous and mega talented have their limits. No one's patience is infinite, with the possible exception of our editors. . But every now and then a famous person claps back with an amazing, hilarious response that gives us a newfound appreciation for the internet era.

Here's a protip: don't tangle with Ayesha Curry. If you can't handle the heat, we recommend you stay way out of her (multiple) very well appointed kitchens. The real question is: what would possess a random stranger to accost an celebrity on the internet. C'mon gang, let's all just learn to knit or something. 

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Entry by Sonny Time

CRACKEDCON MMYS When The Daily Wire called Patton Oswalt a supposed comedian, Oswalt responded with: Patton Oswalt Follow @pattonoswalt Guys, if you
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