23 Celebs That Handed It To Trolls

Go ahead, at me. See what happens.
23 Celebs That Handed It To Trolls

The great thing about social media is the instantaneous and constant access to famous people who want absolutely nothing to do with us (just like real life). Which is kinda not great for celebrities, because they're constantly being targeted by critics, trolls, and the press. Here's the thing: even the rich, famous and mega talented have their limits. No one's patience is infinite, with the possible exception of our editors. [Ed. note: definitely not]. But every now and then a famous person claps back with an amazing, hilarious response that gives us a newfound appreciation for the internet era.

Here's a protip: don't tangle with Ayesha Curry. If you can't handle the heat, we recommend you stay way out of her (multiple) very well appointed kitchens. The real question is: what would possess a random stranger to accost an celebrity on the internet. C'mon gang, let's all just learn to knit or something. 

For more wild examples, scroll on down…

A hater once tried to troll Ayesha Curry on Instagram, but she had the perfect comeback for him: wllyeetang Stay in the kitchen 14h 264 likes Reply ay
23 Celebs That Handed It To Trolls
When an anonymous troll commented that Paris Jackson had put on weight... Replying to @Parislackson yes you have out on a little weight 3:22 PM-1Apr 2
On an Instagram comment, a random troll tried to mess with LaMarcus Aldridge on his birthday, but he wasn't having all of that negativity during that
Michael B. Jordan got slammed by a hater on Twitter for being a short, anime fan who lives with his parents. He prepared a perfect response for him: M
In 1986, when Queen Elizabeth ll visited New Zealand, protestors threw eggs at her. Later, at a state banquet, she coolly quipped, Of course, New Zea
When a hater tweeted this about Kylie Jenner... Follow @KylieJenner looks like a 14 year old prostitute. She obviously had to correct him... in the ri
James Blunt just has an annoying face and a highly irritating voice, said a hater on Twitter. The singer's comeback? And no mortgage. CRACKED COM
CRACKED.COM When a troll attacked Chrissy Teigen for posting pictures of herself breastfeeding, she replied: christine teigen Following Gchrissyteigen
CRACKEDCO Plus-size model Ashley Alexiss made a snappy clapback to the guy who tried to body-shame her: Ashley Alexiss Follow @AshAlexiss Has your dic
CRACKEDcO Why does her hair look SO nappy? @rihanna #ManDown official single cover revealed http://twitpic.com/4w9q7q 11 May When a troll criticized R
A troll told plus-size model Iskra Lawrence stuff like Fat cow... Plus-size models? give me a f*****g breaking, and said UK health services are f**
CRACKEDCON COM In an interview, Taylor Swift explained what she thinks about the people who say that she only writes songs about her ex-boyfriends: F
NBA Star Jimmy Butler had the perfect response to a fan who thought he didn't deserve to get a max salary contract: S DHIL! Jimmy isn't worth a max 3
A Twitter user whined at Neil Gaiman about the forced diversity of Good Omens and moaned that he/she couldn't watch more than a minute. Gaiman said,
CRACKEDO Kim Kardashian responded to a troll saying that she Is narcissistic with this gem: Kim Kardashian West Follow @KimKardashian No it's not you,
23 Celebs That Handed It To Trolls
CRACKEDCON Interviewer: How do you respond to critics who consider Bart Simpson a dreadful role model for children? Matt Groening: If you don't wan
When a Twitter rando whined about Michael Sheen catering to the 12 year olds that comprise the Fan Fic universe, Sheen fired back. I will unashamed
In 2014, Conan O'Brien tweeted that he picked his Halloween costume: Slutty Madeleine Albright. The then-77-year-old diplomat replied: Madeleine Alb
E S V This was Precious star Gabourey Sidibe's perfect reply to haters who criticized her Golden Globes outfit: Gabby Sidibe Follow @GabbySidibe To pe
CRACKEDCON MMYS When The Daily Wire called Patton Oswalt a supposed comedian, Oswalt responded with: Patton Oswalt Follow @pattonoswalt Guys, if you
CRACKEDCON Miley Cyrus was recently groped by a fan in Barcelona. Some trolls blamed her choice of 'sexy' ensembles for the incident. LRR You wanted t
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