SHOCKING! Kim Kardashian Divorces Kanye West

SHOCKING! Kim Kardashian Divorces Kanye West

On today's episode of current events that absolutely no one could have possibly seen coming, Kim Kardashian has filed for divorce from her husband, Kanye West after nearly seven years of marriage, TMZ reported on Friday, with one of Kim's representatives confirmed the filing to CNN, offering no additional comments. With outlets first reporting the duo had separated but were enduring marriage counseling in early January, the split is not a massive surprise, considering their notably different political values, drastically different levels of outspokenness when it comes to social media and public spats over the summer. In July, Kanye, who was running for president under the "Birthday party" at the time, told a political rally that his wife considered having an abortion while pregnant with their eldest child, and later tweeted that his Kim was attempting to hospitalize him

However, Kimye's relationship wasn't always so rocky. First meeting back in the 2000s, Kim and Kanye began dating in 2012, according to the LA Times, where they embarked on a whirlwind romance, having their first daughter, North together in 2013, before tying the knot in a luxurious Italian wedding the following year. Aside from North, the couple has three other children together, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm, who are currently all living with their mother in Calabasas, while West is currently staying at his Wyoming residence, where he is definitely not hooking up with Voldemort of beauty YouTube, Jeffree Star

Amid the news of the split, twitter was quick to react to the star-studded breakup, pinning the split on an awkward interview question over their unused pool ...

... questioning how they'll split up their furniture in their extremely minimalist home ...

... and commending Kris Jenner for, well, Kris Jenner-ing.

Say it with me, folks, the Devil works hard, but Kris Jenner works harder. 

So folks, breakups are never easy, especially when children are involved, so for everyone's wellbeing, let's hope the legal proceedings are as easy and smooth as possible. But hey, look on the bright side -- at least this marriage lasted longer than 72 days. 

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