15 Famous Movies That Have Inspirations We Never Knew About

15 Famous Movies That Have Inspirations We Never Knew About

We all seek inspiration in various ways. Some rely on faith, some on the new age section of their local book store, and still others on their favorite soundtrack. The thing is, almost everyone has seen a film that has absolutely filled them with motivation and inspiration.

We all know that movies have the ability to make us smile, weep, and even celebrate! We may identify with underdogs who achieve amazing goals despite adversity and hardship. Everyone requires motivation. Everyone gets sick of the endless competitive grind of daily life. These films force us to examine ourselves and can serve as sources of inspiration. 

The fact is, the creators of the movies themselves need creative inspiration as well and that can come from some awfully unexpected places…For example, when Matt Damon's brother Kyle came to visit MIT, he pulled an unexpected prank that ended up in Good Will Hunting. Interested? Scroll on for more details on that and 14 more surprise inspirations behind your favorite films:

A real-life person was the inspiration for Halloween's Michael Myers. John Carpenter visited a psychiatric institution in college, and he saw a 12- or 13-year-old boy with a real evil stare that he remembered later. CRACKED.COM

Source: Esquire

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