25 Headlines Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

25 Headlines Straight From The Horse’s Mouth

Robots are becoming increasingly realistic, which has led to many companies pledging not to weaponize them. Boston Dynamics is one of these companies, and issued a statement saying they will not support the weaponization of their products. This comes as part of an open letter by several robotics companies highlights the erosion of consumer trust in robots as among the reasons not to allow them to be used as weapons. And in totally different news, the white nationalist incel cult known as America First was recently shaken up when their treasurer left leader Nick Fuentes’s basement and got himself a girlfriend. Jaden McNeil denounced the group as a cult, and this news – unsurprisingly – sent shockwaves through it. On the other hand, and in only marginally related news, Aretha Franklin's FBI file was finally revealed after 40 years of surveillance and it contains some shocking phrases, including “pro-communist,” “hate America,” “radical,” and “Black extremists” – not that we were expecting a great deal of the FBI, but still.

San Antonio police officer fired after shooting teen suspect in McDonald's parking lot.

A San Antonio cop unloaded his clip into a fleeing man's car after mistaking him for a previous altercation. CRACKED.COM The officer thought the car parked outside a fast food restaurant was a previous suspect, so he swung the driver's door open and at- tempted to force him out of the car without ever identifying himself.

SA Current / Wikimedia

Arizona GOP Secretary Of State Candidate Insists ‘Deep State’ Google Is Blocking His Website.

A GOP Secretary Of State candidate blamed the Deep State for their website not showing up on Google. CRACKED CON Mark Finchem Tweeted, Google & & the crooks in California refuse to rank my website in their deep state algorithm. Не had apparently requested it not be indexed.

TechDirt / Wikipedia

Drunk IL Man Arrested 2 Times At Same Store In Less Than 12 Hours.

A drunk man was arrested twice at the same store less than 12 hours apart. CRACKED.COM The Chicagoan was charged for theft and bailed out, then returned to the store to drink and smoke in the bathroom. There's still time to go for the hat trick.

Q98.5 / Wikipedia

Man killed while trying to do handstand during Hurricane Ian on a 15th-floor balcony.

A man was killed during Hurricane lan doing a handstand on his 15th floor balcony. CRACKED.COM 34-year-old Markell Hope of Akron, Ohio, fell from the 15th-floor balcony of the Patricia Grand Hotel while at- tempting the maneu- ver.

Fox / Unsplash

British Cycling announces Shell sponsorship. The oil company Shell. Who drill for oil.

British Cycling announced a new sponsor: Shell oil. Shell - Food Mart 2 vkCO 201 LONDAN ANCO CRACKED.COM Shell is continuing to invest billions in oil and gas proj- ects, while using cynical PR initiatives like this partner- ship to attempt to greenwash its harmful activities, saya Friends of the Earth cam- paigner Jamie Peters.

BBC / Unsplash

Hundreds of people come to pay respects for a business that is not closing.

Hundreds of people came out to mourn a beloved restaurant they mistakenly believed was closed. CRACKED.COM BYU student Henry Fye put the memorial together when he saw that his be- loved Rancheritos ар- peared completely closed down. Mourners later learned that they were just closed for remodeling.

Fox / Wikipedia

S.F. now has a fine-dining restaurant for dogs with $75 tasting menu.

San Francisco has a fine-dining restaurant for dogs. CRACKED.COM Dogue opened with pastries and dogguc- cinos served during the day and a $75, three-course tasting menu on Sundays.

SF Chronicle / Wikipedia

Man steals fire truck, claims firefighters told him to move it.

A man in a stolen fire truck claimed firefighters told him to move it. APP FRIE FIRE For BV57 OFC CRACKED.COM Firefighters assisting with a medical call saw their truck down at Pennsylva- nia Avenue and Broadway. A group of firefighters then ran towards the truck and jumped into it when it stopped moving.

KDVR / Unsplash

Baldwinsville Superintendent arrested for drunk driving after he was spotted crowd surfing at HS football game.

A superintendent crowdsurfed at a high school football game and was later arrested for drunk driving. 58 58 51 50 32 38 <54 ET - 6 25 AL CRACKED.COM Several students re- ported to district staff that they suspected Mr. Thomson was un- der the influence of al- cohol after he and po- lice were notified.

LocalSyr / Wikipedia

Adult entertainment club's event at Texas golf course surprises high school golf team

A Texas golf course booked an 'adult' event at the same time as a high school team. CRACKED.COM The team arrived for prac- tice at the golf course and discovered that a local adult entertainment club was hosting an adult golf tournament, giving some high schoolers a view they won't soon forget.

Fox / Wikipedia

First Super Mario Poster Has Fans Asking Nintendo to Fix the Plumber's Flat Butt.

People are outraged that Mario has no butt on the official movie poster. GRAGKED.COM The first image of The Su- per Mario Bros. Movie dis- appointed certain fans with the odd choice to com- pletely ignore Mario's firm cheeks, chiseled from years of athletic endeavors.

CBR / Wikipedia

Northeastern mistakenly sends out 4,000 acceptance letters to law school applicants.

4,000 law school applicants received acceptance letters mistakenly sent out by Northeastern U. UNIVERSITY NORTHEASTERN KRENTZMAN OR REASTERN UNIVERSITY CRACKED.COM The university emailed thousands of appli- cants to congratulate them on their ассер- tance, only to send a correct hours later tak- ing it back.

Boston.com / Wikimedia

Video of Mississippi day care staff scaring, chasing toddlers with Halloween mask outrages community.

A Mississippi daycare worker was caught on camera scaring children with a spooky mask. CRACKED.COM The Lil' Blessings Daycare worker is seen creeping up to crying toddlers in a Hal- loween mask, bending down to get close, and yelling at them that they'd better behave.

WAAYTV / YouTube

Texas Pete hot sauce facing lawsuit because it’s made in North Carolina.

The Texas Pete hot sauce is being sued for being made in North Carolina. TEXASPETE GRAGKED.COM A grocery shopper in Cali- fornia has filed a class-ac- tion lawsuit against the T.W. Garner Food Co., al- leging false advertising over their Texas Pete brand of hot sauce.

WANE / Wikipedia

Aretha Franklin's FBI File Is Finally Revealed And It's Shocking.

Aretha Franklin's shocking FBI file was finally revealed. GRAGKED.COM The 40 year surveillance file of Franklin began in 1967 and lasted until 2007, and is full of phrases like: pro-communist, hate America, radical, and Black extremists.

Yahoo / Wikipedia

Boston Dynamics pledges not to weaponize its robots.

Boston Dynamics is pledging not to support the weaponization of their products. sh N DISRUPT ch 2016 LO 2016 LONDON nch TechCrunch ممتحدة TechCrunch - 2016 Tec BERLIN RUPT BEEJ' TOTA UPT TTLE ch runch hCrunch TechCrunch DISRUPT Crunch TechCrun TechCrunch THE chc Teclé unch TechCrunch TechCrunch I - UPT и - hCru TechCrunch unch OIS RUPT SUPPOR TEP - CRACKED.COM An open letter by several robotics companies high- lights the erosion of con- sumer trust in robots as among the reasons not to allow them to be used as weapons.

Axios / Wikipedia

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