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21 Bafflingly Bizarre Dumb Tough Guy Shirts

Skip the closet and throw these directly in a dumpster.


Communist Cookie Monster Mural Mystery Sparks Ire in Illinois

It's a mural mystery, rife with identity theft, alleged graffiti, and of course, a massive Soviet-inspired Cookie Monster.


Did 'Borat 2' star Rudy Giuliani Fart During A Michigan Voter Fraud Hearing?

It was the toot heard 'round the world.


UFOs May or May Not Exist, President Obama Says

Are we alone? Only Obama knows.


To Save Lives, Let's Move Christmas To July

#MoveXmasToJuly isn't just about a safer holiday; it's about a better holiday.


Harry Styles Roasts Pundits For Their Pointless Tantrums On Men In Dresses

Revenge is as sweet as a 'Watermelon Sugar High' for the former One Direction singer.


Weed Isn't That Bad, United Nations Rules

From hitting shoes to hitting bongs?


Another Mysterious Monolith Randomly Appears, Vanishes in Romania

At this point, it's got to be aliens.


'Umbrella Academy' Star Elliot Page Comes Out As Transgender

Longtime LGBTQAI+ icon, Elliot Page, came out as transgender and non-binary.


So Where Are We On Legal Weed?

We have tipped the bong on America's outlook for legal marijuana.


Update: That Mysterious Utah Monolith Has Now Mysteriously Disappeared

This is definitely on brand for 2020.


6 Helping Hands From Groups You May Not Expect

Sometimes the people helping you out are the ones you didn't even think of asking.


You Can Now Email A Literal Dumpster Fire Emblazoned with '2020'

A new way to air your grievances ... just in time for Festivus!