Mariah Carey's Failed Trademark, And 14 More Headlines That Seem Too Weird To Be True

Eli Lilly CEO David Ricks has a few things to say about the pricing of insulin.
Mariah Carey's Failed Trademark, And 14 More Headlines That Seem Too Weird To Be True

Lately, it seems like people are talking about Eli Lilly and their insulin pricing. After being called out on Twitter, CEO David Ricks finally admitted that maybe, just maybe, his company's insulin pricing could be lower. In the wake of a false tweet about free insulin sending Twitter into a frenzy, Rick defended his company but conceded that there is more work to do to bring down the cost of this life-saving drug for more people.

 Meanwhile in Washington D.C., Mitch McConnell is facing some backlash of his own. The Senate Minority Leader voted against legislation that would protect interracial marriages-- even though he himself is married to an Asian American woman. This caused many to question whether or not Mitch was fit to represent all Americans when he so blatantly opposed this bill intended break down discriminatory barriers preventing same-sex couples from getting married nationwide back in 2015 via Obergefell vs Hodges landmark ruling.

Jordan Atkinson failed to notice a rectal tumor during four months of treatment for hemorrhoids.

CRACKED THIS VANCOUVER NATUROPATH CLEARLY MISSED THE MARK. A Vancouver naturopath has been fined and suspended after a patient complained he failed to notice a rectal tumor during four months of treatment for hemorrhoids. Jordan Atkinson will have to pay $5,000 and lose his license for 16 days.


Woman caught with sex toy and dead boyfriend's ashes at airport.

CRACKED A WOMAN PUT HER BOYFRIEND'S ASHES IN A SEX TOY, AND WORE IT TO THE AIRPORT. A 23-year-old woman was caught at the airport wearing a sex toy with her dead boyfriend's ashes inside. The story went viral after she documented the experience on TikTok, where she explained that it was a gift from her boyfriend and that she wanted to take him with her to places they only ever dreamed of going.

Revolt / PNNL 

Uncle Chen is 50, chain-smokes cigarettes, and ran a marathon in under four hours.

CRACKED A 50-YEAR-OLD CHAINSMOKES THROUGH AN ENTIRE MARATHON. Uncle Chen, a 50 year old Chinese man, ran the Xin'anjiang Marathon in three hours and 28 minutes while chain-smoking cigarettes. This is not the first time he has done this; he was also photographed running the 2018 Guangzhou Marathon and the 2019 Xiamen Marathon while smoking cigarettes. 20 A

CBS / Running Magazine 

Queen of Christmas? More like the Scrooge of Trademarking.

CRACKED MARIAH CAREY TRIED TO TRADEMARK 'QUEEN OF CHRISTMAS. Carey may have the unofficial anthem of Christmas, but she won't be trademarking any Queen of Christmas titles anytime soon. The U.S. Trademark Trial and Appeal Board ruled against her petition, after Elizabeth Chan - who calls herself the world's only full-time Christmas music recording artist - voiced opposition to Carey's request.

CBS / Youtube 

The Minnesota Vikings got more than they bargained for when they tried to honor military members at a game.

CRACKED THE MINNESOTA VIKINGS HONORED A PORN STAR DRESSED UP IN MILITARY FATIGUES. They were trying to honor military members at a game, but they got tricked. Someone submitted a photo of an adult film star dressed in fatigues instead of an actual member of the armed forces, and the team didn't catch it until after it was up on the big screen. Kyle @kyleruiz4h @Vikings This is my cousin Joel who served in the Army. Не has always been an inspiration and someone I look up to for his heroism. Не is also a HUGE GT AND Vikes fan


In Belgium, cocaine is becoming such a problem that the government can't keep up with storing and destroying it all.

CRACKED BELGIUM HAS A HOT SOLUTION TO THE COUNTRY'S COCAINE PROBLEM. Cocaine seizures have increased in Belgium, leading to a problem of where to store the drugs until they can be destroyed. The Federal Justice Minister has called for more incinerators to solve the issue.


Randy Lowry was shocked to find out that his new car came with a $2,400 "market adjustment" fee.

CRACKED DON'T WANT TO PAY AN EXTRA $2,400 FOR YOUR NEW CAR? TOO BAD. Kia West Edmonton, in Canada, told Randy Lowry that there was an extra $2,400 market adjustment fee on the new car he'd ordered -- if he didn't pay, the sale was off. The manager blamed the current auto shortage and said all dealerships are charging these fees.


The president of Brazil is hiding from the public because he has a "leg injury" that prevents him from wearing pants.

CRACKED BOLSONARO IS MEDICALLY UNABLE TO WEAR PANTS. He's been MIA since his failed re-election campaign. VP Hamilton Mourao recently revealed that this is because the president has a leg injury and skin infection that prevents him from wearing pants.

AU News

Bud Marty May, 37, lost to his mother in a 2022 election before being charged with second-degree rape.

CRACKED A WANNABE POLITICIAN LOST AN ELECTION TO HIS MOTHER. Bud Marty May, 37, was arrested and charged with second-degree rape after allegedly raping a woman in a bar bathroom stall. May ran as a Republican candidate for one of two South Dakota House seats in the 2022 election but lost to his mother, incumbent Elizabeth May (R), and Peri Pourier (D).


FIFA president Gianni Infantino proves yet again that he is completely out of touch with the rest of the world.

CRACKED FIFA PRESIDENT GIANNI INFANTINO HAS SOME CHOICE WORDS FOR EUROPEANS CRITIQUING QATAR. On the eve of the World Cup, FIFA president Gianni Infantino hit out at Europeans who have criticized Qatar for its treatment of migrant workers and LGBTQ+ people. Не said that Europeans should be apologizing for their own history instead of giving moral lessons to others.


Despite Qatar's promises of inclusivity, security at the World Cup confiscates rainbow-colored bucket hats from Welsh fans.

CRACKED JUST BECAUSE QATAR PROMISED THAT EVERYONE WOULD BE WELCOME AT THE WORLD CUP DOESN'T MEAN THEY MEANT IT. Staff and fans of the Welsh national team had rainbow-colored bucket hats confiscated before their World Cup game against the USA, allegedly by security. This caused outrage among many who see this as discrimination against LGBTQ+ persons, especially in light of Qatar's promises that everyone would be welcome at the tournament.

The Guardian

Love is no longer allowed on Belgium's away shirt collar.

CRACKED WEAR YOUR HEART ON YOUR SLEEVE... UNLESS FIFA TELLS YOU NOT ТО. FIFA has demanded that the Belgium team remove the word love from their away shirt collar, two days before their World Cup opening match. The move comes after other European teams abandoned plans to wear an anti-discrimination armband following confirmation that captains would be given yellow cards for doing so. WE L ROYAL MELGIAN FA 1695

ESPN / Khelnow 

Police lobby not happy about proposed rules that could prevent them from being in hate groups.

CRACKED IS MINNESOTA'S 'POLICE LOBBY' JUST A FRONT FOR HATE, EXTREMIST, AND WHITE SUPREMACIST GROUPS? Proposed rules by Minnesota's police licensing board, which include banning law enforcement officers from being involved in hate, extremist or white supremacist groups, are facing opposition from the law enforcement lobby. The latter claims that the wording is too vague and that these new rules are not needed. POLICE

Minnesota Reformer

After being called out on Twitter, Eli Lilly CEO David Ricks finally admits that maybe, just maybe, his company's insulin pricing could be lower.

CRACKED FALSE TWEET ABOUT FREE INSULIN SENDS TWITTER INTO A FRENZY. In the wake of a false tweet about free insulin, Eli Lilly CEO David Ricks defended his company's pricing but conceded that it could be lower. Ricks made his comments at an event, saying that the Twitter fury highlights that there is more work to do to bring down the cost of insulin for more people. Lilly

Ars Technica

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