20 Bonkers Facts That Really Crunched Our Berries

Bethesda gave parents games for life if they named their kid after a Skyrim character.
20 Bonkers Facts That Really Crunched Our Berries

Who knew that there used to be pretty heavy restrictions on what women could wear in Congress? It wasn't until 1993 that pants became an acceptable article of clothing for women legislators. This is despite the fact that, in 1969, Charlotte Reid became the first woman to boldly don a pair of trousers onto the floor. When asked about it later, she said then-Minority Leader Gerald Ford told her he thought it was great and she should do it more often. Also, did you know that Bill Gates took advantage of software glitches in middle school? He and Paul Allen lost computer privileges after obtaining free computer time from the company they worked for; however, they were allowed back into the lab when they offered to debug program as well. Talk about turning lemons into lemonade! On a different note, stadiums have come a long way since their ancient Roman counterparts - which is probably a good thing seeing as how 20,000 people died during one sporting event. The tragedy occurred during a crowded gladiator game at Fidenae Stadium (8 miles north of Rome) in 27 AD when cheap wooden stadium collapsed. Needless to say, this disaster led the Senate to require stadiums be inspected and certified before use. 

Moscow Mules are made thanks to three people having ingredients they couldn’t sell separately.

Moscow mules were created by three people trying to get rid of vodka, ginger beer, and copper mugs. CRACKED.COM John Martin purchased Smirnoff in the '30s, but had trouble selling the vodka. His friend, who owned a pub in Hollywood, bemoaned being unable to sell his ginger beer, and another patron said she had too many mugs.

Copper.org / Unsplash

Heavy weed smokers can develop cyclical vomiting and stomach pain.

Chronic cannabis users can develop cyclical vomiting and abdominal pain. CRACKED.COM Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome was first discov- ered in 2004, and little is known about how it works. Some sufferers compul- sively shower with hot wa- ter, which alleviates the symptoms.

NCBI / Wikipedia

Buffet bought controlling shares of a company out of spite for the CEO.

Warren Buffett considers the controlling shares of Berkshire Hathaway to be the dumbest stock he ever bought. CRACKED.COM Buffet bought the shares of the now multibil- lion-dollar company just to fire the CEO as re- venge for trying to low-ball him when Buffett went to sell the stock.

CNBC / Wikipedia

Doctors were forbidden from doubling as pharmacists in 1241.

Emperor Friedrich II forbade doctors from doubling as pharmacists. CRACKED.COM In 1241, after noticing the rapidly rising cost of medicine, he fixed the prices of various medicines so that they could not rise further.

NCBI / Wikipedia

The guy who grounded all planes in the sky on 9/11 had just started the job that day.

Ben Sliney's first day as one of the FAA's National Operations Managers was on September 11, 2001. CRACKED.COM It was Sliney's decision, and only Sliney's deci- sion, to ground all 4,200 planes in the US after the terrorist attacks, the first of which occurred at just 8:45 am.

USA Today / Wikipedia

Newsweek was wrong about the internet, and left up the article for everyone to see.

There is still a Newsweek article from 1995 up on their website scoffing about the future of the internet. week INKING g/85 Newsweek Sup cmp. MOVIFIED , CHOPPED. New CRACKED.COM It laughed at the idea that people would get news, learn, or buy airline tickets online, calling things like interactive libraries and multimedia classrooms baloney.

Newsweek / Wikimedia

Despite it occurring in 1969, women officially weren’t allowed to wear pants in Congress until 1993.

Women were forbidden to wear pants onto the floor of Congress until 1993. GRAGKED.COM In 1969, Charlotte Reid be- came the first woman to wear pants to Congress. She said, Gerald Ford  told me he thought it was great, and I should do it more often.

Washington Post / Wikipedia

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