We all make mistakes, but some are more public than others – like getting fired for wearing an Adolf Hitler costume to work. That's exactly what happened to one man at the Madison Children's Museum in Wisconsin. The museum released a statement saying that "his continued employment would create an environment at odds with our values and unwelcoming to visitors and staff." On another note, former housekeeper Mercedes Wedaa is suing Jeff Bezos and two of his companies. According to the complaint, Wedaa was made to work long hours with no breaks in conditions that led to urinary tract infections because she wasn't allowed to use the bathrooms in the main house, and had to climb out of a window onto a path leading downstairs just to go pee. Yikes! And on the subject of firing, sometimes companies realize they may have made a mistake whe,n they let someone go – and Twitter is currently experiencing this first hand as they've reached out to dozens of employees who lost their jobs during recent changes at the company, asking them to come back.

55 students will have to retake the SATs after UPS lost their test papers.

STUDENTS WILL HAVE TO RETAKE THE SATS AFTER UPS LOST THEIR TESTS. Around 55 students at El Paso High School may have to retake the SATS after test papers flew out of a UPS truck. The College Board said that exams are occasionally lost in transit. CRACKED


NBC News

A man was fired from The Madison Children's Museum for wearing a Hitler costume.

CRACKED A MAN WAS FIRED FROM A CHILDREN'S MUSEUM FOR DRESSING AS HITLER. The Madison Children's Museum in Madison, WI has fired a man who wore an Adolf Hitler costume on the street, saying his continued employment would create an environment at odds with our values and unwelcoming to visitors and staff.

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A woman in Uganda has been spiking men's drinks and smearing sedatives on her breasts to rob them while they were passed out.

A WOMAN IN UGANDA HAS BEEN DRUGGING MEN WITH HER BREASTS. The woman went around to bars and lodges, drugging men by spiking their drinks or smearing sedatives on her breasts, and then robbing them. She was caught after police reviewed CCTV footage from the places she struck. CRACKED


Kampala Dispatch

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