15 Weird Headlines That Left Us Questioning Reality

Steven Tyler has prom on the brain.
15 Weird Headlines That Left Us Questioning Reality

Ah, the ever-changing world of the 21st century. What a time to be alive! Every day brings new and exciting developments, from the latest trends to the most outrageous news stories. But no matter what the headlines, one thing is for certain: there is never a dull moment! 

Take this collection of stories, for example. From Edie Falco’s surprise at learning that her movie “Avatar” hasn’t even been released yet, to a pastor in Brooklyn attempting extortion, to a dog groomed to look like the Grinch, these stories have it all. A man’s brother kidnapped for a pet dog ransom, a Senator’s attempt to make the internet a PG-13 zone, salads that cause serious hallucinations, a Tory MP’s outrageous comments about NHS workers, Steven Tyler’s criticism of Metallica, two women fined for helping cats, a police officer’s near-fatal fentanyl overdose, a joint effort between Jacinda Ardern and David Seymour for a good cause, a plastic surgeon sued by 50 Cent for using his photo to promote penis enhancement surgery, and an Iranian professor’s criticism of North Korea’s lack of study opportunities. 

This list of stories is sure to keep you entertained and informed. So, without further ado, let’s dive into this collection of the weird and wonderful news stories of 2022.

Iranian Professor Slams North Korean Education System.

CRACKED IRAN PROFESSOR SLAMS NORTH KOREA'S LACK OF STUDY OPPORTUNITIES. Iran's Prof. Mehdi Zakerian criticized comments by a science ministry official regarding study opportunities for students in North Korea, pointing out the lack of access to the internet in the country.

Iran Intl / Sky 

Aromatherapy gone wrong: two human fatalities and one raccoon.

CRACKED BACTERIA-LACED AROMATHERAPY SPRAY TURNED DEADLY. Two people in the U.S. died in 2021 from an aromatherapy spray contaminated with deadly bacteria, and the CDC also found that the spray killed a pet raccoon belonging to one of the victims. RETURN THE PRODUCT Better Homes Better Homes &Gardens Walmart Gardens ARONATHERADY ARCHATHERADY LAVENDER C'CHAMOMIE LAVENDER - Happy - Highle president - - DOUBLE-BAGGED & IN CARDBOARD BOX 5FLOZ(1479mL) EXCIRE WARNING: SFLOZ(147.9mL) WARNING: BREAKING NEWS WALMART RECALLS SPRAY LINKED TO DEADLY BACTERIA NE


50 Cent sues surgeon: "No penis promotion without my permission!"

CRACKED 50 CENT: NOT HERE TO ENHANCE YOUR PENIS. Rapper 50 Cent is suing a Miami-based plastic surgeon for using a photo of him to promote penis enhancement surgery without his consent, and a judge has denied the surgeon's request to have the suit dismissed. PERFECTION PERFECTION MED SPA MED SPA PE CC TION A PERFECT CTION MED S P MD SPA P PERFECTION ERFECTION


Innocent woman faces 4 years in prison – until judge steps in.

CRACKED A WOMAN ALMOST WENT TO PRISON FOR RETURNING A LOST CREDIT CARD. Sandra Wilson was wrongfully arrested after trying to return a lost credit card, which resulted in her losing her job and facing up to 4 years in prison. After a jury trial, the case was thrown out by the judge who called the prosecution absurd and ridiculous and wrong. CREDIT CARD BY 12 3456 NEW -


Pastor fleeces flock, attempts extortion.

CRACKED BROOKLYN BISHOP BUSTED FOR FRAUD, LIES. Bishop Lamor Whitehead, a pastor from Brooklyn, was arrested on charges of wire fraud, attempted wire fraud, attempted extortion and making a material false statement. Не is accused of defrauding a parishioner of $90,000, attempting to extort a businessman and lying to the FBI. FJF


Tory MP earns 400K: NHS workers should be grateful?

CRACKED SIMON CLARKE: NHS WORKERS DON'T DESERVE MORE PAY. Tory MP Simon Clarke argued that NHS workers should not be paid more because he could be earning £400,000 in the private sector, and defended the Government's decision not to pay nurses more, citing the high NHS budget.

Wales Online

Salads: not as safe as you thought?

CRACKED SALADS: THE NEW PSYCHEDELIC EXPERIENCE? Woolworths in Australia has recalled two varieties of its pre-packaged salads due to potential contamination with unsafe plant material, and Aldi has also recalled its Fresh Salad Co Fresh and Fast Stir Fry from Victorian shops. At least 47 people have reported symptoms after eating the spinach, with some experiencing serious hallucinations, delirium, blurred vision, dilated pupils and fever.

The Age

Senator Lee's IODA: No more sexy times online.

CRACKED SENATOR MIKE LEE WANTS TO MAKE THE INTERNET PG-13. Utah Republican Senator Mike Lee has introduced the Interstate Obscenity Definition Act (IODA) which would effectively outlaw all online sexual content nationwide, revising a law from 1934 and removing the 'intent' requirement which only prohibits the transmission of obscenity to abuse, threaten or harass someone.


Dognapping gone wrong: three men fail, kidnap brother instead.

CRACKED MAN'S BROTHER ABDUCTED: RANSOM? A PET DOG! Three men attempted to steal a pet dog from a Greater Noida, India house, but when their attempt was thwarted, they abducted the man's brother and demanded the dog as ransom. The suspects released the brother under police pressure.

Hindustan Times

Edie Falco: Thought she'd bombed in "Avatar," but it hasn't even been released yet.

CRACKED EDIE FALCO THOUGHT AVATAR ALREADY CAME OUT (AND THAT IT FLOPPED). Edie Falco that she shot her scenes in Avatar: The Way of Water years ago and had assumed the movie had already been released and flopped, not knowing it was still set to come out in 2022.

Variety / NY Times 

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