15 Headlines That Made Us Question Our Sense Of Reality

Lava and Marshmallows, Tulips and Crypto.
15 Headlines That Made Us Question Our Sense Of Reality

Ah, the joys of living in the 21st century! Every day brings a new set of strange and fascinating stories, from the absurd to the downright outrageous. From a police officer who tried to give a homeless man a sandwich filled with dog shit, to a rabbi accused of sexual assault leading a prayer at a school board meeting, the world is full of surprises. 

But, if you think you’ve seen it all, think again. In this list, you’ll find stories that range from the bizarre to the downright unbelievable. From a hospital fined for having a secret gun stash to Adam Sandler winning the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, you’ll be sure to find something to make you laugh, cry, or just scratch your head in confusion. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the wild, weird, and wonderful stories of the 21st century. From the supernatural to the mundane, this list is sure to have something for everyone. Enjoy!

Gen Z Congressman-elect denied D.C. apartment: Wealthy political world needs reform.

CRACKED GEN Z'S FIRST CONGRESSMEMBER CAN'T GET AN APARTMENT IN D.C. Maxwell Frost was denied a D.C. apartment due to his low credit score, highlighting the issue of affordability and accessibility in the D.C. political world for people who don't come from wealth. Frost's experience has encouraged him to look into solutions for other people in the same boat once he joins Congress in January.


Snakes get pleasure too!

CRACKED CLITORISES DISCOVERED IN FEMALE SNAKES. Scientists have discovered that female snakes have clitorises, overturning the long-held assumption that they did not have a sexual organ. Research provides the first proper anatomical descriptions of female snake genitalia, which could suggest that there is seduction and pleasure in the mating process.


Russian diplomat fumes.

CRACKED A RUSSIAN MINISTER COMPLAINED ABOUT UKRAINE'S AGGRESSIVE BEHAVIOR. Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Vershinin complained to Turkey about the aggressive behavior of Ukraine's military, and accused both Ukraine and the U.S. of undermining potential peace talks. 22


Crypto and Flowers: A Perfect Match.

CRACKED TULIPS, BITCOIN, AND SOLAR: A DUTCH DREAM TEAM. In the Netherlands, a collaboration between a flower farmer and a bitcoin mining company is creating a 'win-win situation' by using the warmth from the servers to heat the tulip greenhouse, reducing energy bills and environmental impact. The servers are powered by solar energy from the roof, and both the farmers and the company are earning crypto.


Europe’s demand for cocaine: skyrocketing, and Rotterdam’s port is the answer.

CRACKED EUROPE'S COCAINE IMPORTS ARE UP 74%. Rotterdam, Europe's largest port, has seen a record of nearly 70 tonnes of cocaine intercepted in 2021, up 74% from a year before. The drug is usually hidden in containers or underneath ships and is supplied due to the demand for it in Europe.

Euractiv / NBC 

Police mistake Banksy’s sculpture for human in crisis.

CRACKED HYPER-REALISTIC ARTWORK CAUSES CHAOS IN LONDON GALLERY. Police mistakenly broke into a London gallery owned by Banksy's former agent, thinking a hyper-realistic sculpture was a person in a critical condition. The work, commissioned by Steve Lazarides, was created to provoke and has been successful in doing so.

Art Net  

Don’t get your flags confused: Texas Rep. Urges Texans to avoid Chilean flag emoji.

CRACKED DON'T MIX UP TEXAS AND CHILE: STATE REP WARNS AGAINST FLAG CONFUSION. State Rep. Tom Oliverson has introduced a resolution urging Texans not to use the Chilean flag emoji when referring to the Texas flag in digital forums, as the two flags are similar and can be confusing. The resolution also highlights the grand history of the Lone Star Flag, which was adopted in 1839. CHILE TEXAS

Kera News 

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