15 Pieces Of News That Fried Our Frontal Cortex

Mike Tyson wants you to eat ears, too.
15 Pieces Of News That Fried Our Frontal Cortex

Twitter has recently announced that it abruptly had to suspend its brand new Twitter Blue subscription service after users created imposter accounts to impersonate brands and famous people. The paid subscription service was only available for a short time before pranksters took advantage of the platform, leaving it even more ripe for misinformation.

In Tennessee, slavery has been officially banned after voters approved a ballot measure that removes language allowing slavery and involuntary servitude as forms of punishment for those convicted of crimes. This amendment to the state's constitution closes a loophole that had been left by the 13th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which abolished slavery in 1865 but included similar language allowing for involuntary servitude as punishment for crimes.

In Columbus County, North Carolina, racist ex-sheriff Jody Greene won reelection with over 10,000 votes despite resigning weeks ago in the face of significant controversy after making racist comments about black employees.

This just in: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to be the first world leader to appear on ‘Canada's Drag Race.’

JUSTIN TRUDEAU WILL BE ON CANADA'S DRAG RACE. The Prime Minister will be the first world leader to visit the RuPaul-founded competition series, which has more than a dozen global spinoffs. CRACKED

Blue Ant Digital Studios, Chris Allan/Shutterstock

CTV News

Two boxing legends are teaming up to sell a weed product shaped like a bitten-off ear.

A CA TR ВЕСА F LM AL. ST VAL. R BIV MIKE TYSON AND EVANDER HOLYFIELD ARE SELLING HOLY EARS. ВЕСА LM VAL The boxers are teaming up to sell edible cannabis gummies shaped like a bitten- off ear. The product is THC-infused, and will be available through Tyson's weed company. ВЕС TR F LM EST VAL CRACKED

Ovidiu Hrubaru


A lost dog walks into a police station and is returned to her owners thanks to CCTV footage and an ID tag.

A LOST DOG WENT TO A POLICE STATION AND WAITED FOR HELP. CCTV footage captured Rosie, a Border Collie, taking a seat in the waiting room, before staff gave her some water and called her owner's number on her ID tag. CRACKED

Leicestershire Police (via BBC News)


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