15 Bizarre Headlines About Unionbusting Chili, Twitter's Yard Sale, And, Unfortunately, George Santos

An Iranian imam blamed low rainfall on women not wearing hijabs.
15 Bizarre Headlines About Unionbusting Chili, Twitter's Yard Sale, And, Unfortunately, George Santos

Ah, the 21st century: a time of technological marvels, political turmoil, and the occasional rat-poisoned taco. It's a time of great change and great confusion, and it's easy to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of news stories out there. But don't worry! We've got you covered. Here, we've compiled a list of the most interesting, bizarre, and thought-provoking news stories of the past little while. From Iranian imams blaming women for low rain to a rat-poisoned taco, this list has it all. So sit back, relax, and get ready to be informed and entertained. You'll learn about the Taliban's supercar, a Twitter yard sale, and a thief foiled by an angel's sword. You'll hear about a congressman accused of scamming a disabled veteran, and a mayor who traveled to a border city to talk immigration. And you'll read about Marines outsmarting an AI with cartoons and video games. So take a break from the hustle and bustle of the world and explore the stories in this list.

Mayor Adams in El Paso visit.

CRACKED ERIC ADAMS IS WORKING REMOTELY (FROM TEXAS). The mayor of NYC went to El Paso and said there is no room in New York for migrants, and asked the national government to act. He's the first mayor to visit a southern border city to talk immigration. Eric Adams APPICE

VOA News 

Ron Johnson: “I don’t target individuals.”

CRACKED SEN. RON JOHNSON'S SELECTIVE OUTRAGE. Sen. Ron Johnson refused to say if the GOP should investigate Kushner along with Hunter Biden, saying he wants to find the truth, not target individuals. On Meet the Press, he focused on Biden's son and mentioned reports of his potential crimes.

The Guardian 

Mannequins get a makeover in Kabul.

CRACKED MANNEQUINS IN KABUL MUST HAVE SACKS OVER THEIR HEADS. The Taliban wanted to behead mannequins in Kabul, but shop owners resisted, so they let them cover the heads instead. Mannequins now wear sacks, masks, and crowns. 4.75 -

NPR / Fox 5 

The Taliban's revving up Afghanistan's reputation.

CRACKED THE TALIBAN'S SUPERCAR. The Taliban unveiled the first-ever Afghan-made supercar, the 'Mada 9'. It was built by 30 engineers and has a Toyota Corolla engine. The maker's CEO hopes it'll help with the Taliban's PR issues: It will start its journey in Afghanistan and will one day maybe go international.

Wales Online 

Alaska Natives seek answers after $6.5 million in mis-translated FEMA aid.

CRACKED THE US GOVERNMENT IS FUNCTIONALLY ILLITERATE. In September 2023, a typhoon damaged houses in Alaska. The US government offered help, but the paperwork contained weird translations into Native languages. For example: Tomorrow he will go hunting very early, and will (bring) nothing.

AP News / Yes Magazine 

Tweet your bids - it's a 27-hour Twitter yard sale!

CRACKED TWITTER MEMORABILIA FOR SALE. Global Heritage Partners is auctioning off Twitter's office stuff online for 27 hours - office supplies, kitchen stuff, chairs, couches, masks, plus Twitter memorabilia like a @ planter and a neon bird sign.


Boebert calls out "conspiracy theorists" ... !?

CRACKED LAUREN BOEBERT IS MAKING DEMANDS. Boebert wants Schiff and Swalwell off the House Intel Committee, and McCarthy promised it'll happen in the GOP-run House. She's called them both conspiracy theorists.


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