15 Headlines That Recalibrated Our Sense Of Reality

15 Headlines That Recalibrated Our Sense Of Reality

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Ah, the world of the weird and wonderful – a place where the unexpected is always around the corner. From a Border Force officer arrested for being an illegal immigrant to a Texas inmate claiming that a Jeff Ross Comedy Central special led to his death row sentence, the stories featured in this list are true, bizarre and sometimes downright hilarious. 

It’s easy to get lost in the mundane, but this list is a reminder that the extraordinary can be found in the most unexpected places – sometimes, in a much more literal sense than anyone could ever expect. Whether it’s a flock of migrating ducks mistaken for an oil slick, or a man in Britain calling the emergency services over a noisy refrigerator, these stories will make you laugh, or at least give you pause.

So, without further ado, let us dive into the list of the strange and the wonderful. Enjoy!

The Taliban are concerned about Andrew Tate’s wellbeing.

THE TALIBAN: IS ANDREW TATE OK? Shockingly, but not too surprisingly, the Taliban are worried about how Andrew Tate is doing. They say westerners need Andrew Tate because we are oppressed by feminists, says a right-wing journalist. CRACKED



A man on a road trip in Thailand accidentally drove off without his wife after she stopped for a toilet break.

A MAN DROVE OFF WITHOUT HIS WIFE, WHO HAD TO WALK 12 MILES TO REACH HIM. On a road trip in Thailand, a man forgot his wife after she'd stepped out for a toilet break. She had to walk 12 miles to a nearby village to contact him. He'd driven over 100 miles before she got in touch. CRACKED



On Christmas, a Boston family found that the Microsoft tablet they had bought was replaced with roofing shingles.

THE MICROSOFT TABLET A FAMILY GOT FOR CHRISTMAS WAS ACTUALLY ROOFING SHINGLES. A Boston family bought a Microsoft tablet, only to discover the box was full of shingles. When they asked for a replacement, it was also shingles. ZW pla CRACKED

Via Boston 25 News

Boston 25 News

Over the Christmas holiday, a man broke into a NY high school and spent two days there.

A BURGLAR ENTERED A HIGH SCHOOL (AND SPENT CHRISTMAS THERE). Apparently, a guy broke into a local high school in a NY town and was in there for two days. Не ate a burger and some chicken tenders, according to the local police. CRACKED



In Leicestershire, a man phoned emergency services over a loud refrigerator.

A BRITISH MAN CALLED THE COPS ON HIS FRIDGE. In Leicestershire, England, one man called the emergency 999 number to complain about the amount of noise his fridge was making. It's not clear what help he was expecting from the law. DI - LIGHT CREAM DIEN Almond Billine TM CRACKED



South Dakota’s governor received a flamethrower as a Christmas present.

THE GOVERNOR OF SOUTH DAKOTA GOT A FLAMETHROWER FOR CHRISTMAS. Governor Kristi Noem got a flamethrower as a Christmas present from her staff (and, of course, posted a social media video of herself using it). At least no tax dollars were spent on it (apparently). CRACKED


AP News

In Michigan, a large oil slick turned out to be thousands of migrating ducks.In Michigan, a large oil slick turned out to be thousands of migrating ducks.

MICHIGAN DRIVERS MISTOOK A FLOCK OF DUCKS FOR AN OIL SLICK. Apparently, drivers crossing the Mackinac Bridge sometimes mistake large groups of migrating ducks for giant patches of oil, and that's what happened here. GRACKED



A Border Force officer in the UK was arrested on an extremely ironic charge.

A BORDER FORCE OFFICER IN THE UK WAS ARRESTED FOR POSSIBLY BEING AN ILLEGAL PASPOL SHRINOM That was just the start, though- he later got arrested on two other (not quite as ironic) charges. CRACKED


GB News

Shooters, owned by Rep. Lauren Boebert, served items like the M16 burrito and is now being replaced by a Mexican restaurant.

LAUREN BOEBERT'S HYPER- PATRIOTIC RESTAURANT IS BEING REPLACED BY A MEXICAN PLACE. Rep. Boebert's closed restaurant, Shooters, is apparently going to be replaced by, of all things, a Mexican restaurant. Shooters had the exact theme you'd expect, with menu items like the M16 burrito. CRACKED

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